Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today is a great day!

Woo hoo…I have my first follower! I started this blog with great dreams of having lots and lots of people reading it (why I thought I would be so interesting I don’t know!) but at the back of my mind there was always the nagging doubt that nobody would read it. I would essentially be talking to myself, not that that would be anything unusual mind you, but just not the way I wanted this venture to go. So today I am feeling totally buoyed by the fact that at least one person (ever the eternal optimist) has read my blog. Thanks Rowyn for being the first person to comment and being my first follower.

As for the update on the Mighty Samurai, well… (you can hear an excuse coming, can’t you?) it’s one of those designs that you stitch and stitch all night but when you stop to finally go to bed, you look admiringly at all the work you have done and it just hasn’t grown at all! Every night I hold it up and ask DH “Can you see the difference?” he responds with a blank look, a grunt and a shake of the head. Gee, such encouragement! This was actually supposed to be an anniversary present for him, but I didn’t quite get it done on time. Then I thought I would have it finished by Christmas and I could get it framed and then it could be a Christmas gift instead of an anniversary gift. Luckily I didn’t specify which Christmas it would be done by. Maybe this year?!! Watch this space. lol

Anyway, my plans for today are to get some of my designs that I have already stitched up, made in to cards, tags etc and photograph them for the world to see. Exciting, but a bit scary also, I just hope that other stitchers love them as much as I do.

Until next time…happy stitching.



Meadows08 said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! The key to getting followers is commenting on the blogs you follow... :)

Rhona said...

I love to read other people's blogs but have been hesitant to comment as I didn't have my own blog - weird, I know, but that's me! I shall take your advice and comment more.
Can't wait to see more of your twelve days of Christmas.

Meadows08 said...

Here is a great post (at a great blog) that is very helpful to make your blog very user friendly for your users.


I HIGHLY recommend setting up an email address for your blog (NOT the same as the one you use to log onto Blogger) that has no personal info attached to it such as a hotmail or yahoo one. That way you can reply directly to peoples comments via email and they won't miss your answer!

Good luck with your blog and thanks for the sweet comment about my 12 days :)

Penny said...

Welcome to the blogging world. Its tons of fun and you make wonderful new friends.

Carin said...

Welcome to the blogger world ! Your samurai looks already beautiful.

Loretta said...

Welcome to the world of bloggers. Your samurai looks beautiful.