Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The early bird catches....

the thread!?!!!
Yes, I know, I am a bit early for posting this but it was a case of now or never. Well ‘never’ was maybe a bit dramatic, it’s more like now or late! I’m off to Ohio with my daughter for a martial arts tournament and have a million and one things to organize so haven’t had the chance to figure out how to set posts to display automatically. It was so much easier just to post today and add my excuses!

Well the beginning of the month had me in serious contention for the ‘least filled ort jar’ award. I didn’t get much stitching done for one reason or another. Normally this goes unnoticed or at least without guilt, but this time that little jar kept looking at me and crying out to be filled! I know it really doesn’t matter how much we fill the jar each month, but I really didn’t want to post a picture of an empty jar! So this was really good motivation for me, and I managed to end up with quite a bit of threads in there. Some are from The Mighty Samurai and others are from designs for Tangled Threads which I will show you all at a later date.

I still haven’t managed to find a jar for the threads at the end of each month, despite my best intentions of finding the cutest jar ever! So the good old sandwich baggie is coping with the responsibility of all this years threads. Maybe next month I will stun you with the unveiling of a wonderful new jar!

Until next time…happy stitching!



Beth said...

Looks like you worked in a lot of stitchy time! Good for you!

Daffycat said...

Whoa ~ that's a lot of ORTs! You must have stitched like mad once you got going!