Monday, April 25, 2011

Thistle number three!

Oh my goodness, I think I must have found a magic needle, as thistle number three is already finished (despite my stitching disaster on Friday).

The picture of the thistle didn’t really come out terribly well. I honestly took dozens of pictures but none of them were terribly sharp, so this is the best of a bad bunch!

The lilac thread colour doesn’t look exact either, but it was DMC 552, 554 and 153.

I think this one may be my favourite!

So the good news is that my daughter’s surgery was a success! The bone graft from six months ago had taken and the surgeon was able to take the little bolts out and the first metal base was put in place. This was the second attempt at a bone graft and she was rather nervous (to say the least) as during the last surgery to harvest the bone, she had woken up during the middle of the operation and was rather traumatized by it all. Thankfully everything went smoothly this time, and even though I know that the doctors and nurses are very unlikely to read this, I have to thank them for their kindness and the care they took to make sure both my daughter and I were both comfortable about the whole procedure. Now we just have to wait another four to six months to see how the metal base fixes with the bone and then she should have only two more surgeries to go!

So, you may be wondering what the stitching disaster was on Friday. Well, as you may remember I had intended to do some stitching while my daughter had her surgery. So I had packed a bag with everything I would need, threads, fabric, the magic needle, the chart and some scissors – what more does a stitcher need? Well in my case ……the specs! So there I am, sitting in the waiting room and the only magazines there are Golfers Weekly, AARP, and Sports Illustrated. Not exactly inspiring.  Ever the optimist, or maybe just plain delusional, I convinced myself that I could manage to stitch just fine without those darn glasses. After about ten minutes of trying to thread the needle (when did the eye become so small?) I then had to struggle to get the needle through the tiny holes of the fabric. I did a few stitches and then gave up, deciding that I could at least pretend to read the book I had brought.

Until next time…happy stitching!



Mouse said...

oooo hope all goes well for DD's healing from her surgery ;0 love the thistles and I know exactly where you are coming from with the specs atm love mouse xxx

natalyK said...

Happy to hear that your daughter is doing well. Best Wishes.

Beth said...

Good news on your daughter's surgery! I think I like this color combo thistle the best too. I can relate on your stitchy problems. It is not my specs, as I wear them all the time, but I will forget a needle, some scissors, or a necessary color of floss. So frustrating!

JenniDMills said...

Hope your daughter makes a swift recovery.
I had similar stitching fun ... my mum came over and i let her sit under my light, insisting I could 'see fine'. It didn't last long.
I'll be following you from now on. It's nice to talk to a fellow designer.

Suzanne said...

Glad to hear that your daughter's surgery went so well.