Monday, May 16, 2011

Time to Announce the Winner!

And the winner is......

Congratulations Lynn!

As you can see I'm very high tech! All the names were scribbled by my own fair hand and entered into the bowl  - there weren't enough to put in the hat! lol.

I'd like to thank everyone for entering and becoming followers, it was lovely being able to discover new blogs, although blog reading does seriously eat into your stitching time! I've found that it also adds to my 'I really need to get that chart' list also! Anyone else have that problem? There are just so many talented stitchers and wonderful design out there, how on earth can cross stitching be a dying art?  Big thanks also to the wonderful stitchers I have met from who entered, I know many of you don't have blogs but I hope you will continue to visit here. For those of you who don't know, there is an amazingly friendly forum there and definitely worth checking out!

So, on to The Mighty Samurai and some progress has been made! This is how he looks now.

The body of the peacock is almost complete, the only bit that still has to be stitched is the small part where his legs and body meet. That, would you believe, is where I need some more of the dark purple that I have run out of!

The tail is coming along nicely too, but also needs some of the dark purple! I'm going to have to have a good look at what I still have to stitch and see what threads are left then get in contact with Dimensions, again, for more thread. Surprisingly there seems to be quite a bit of the red threads left and, of course, I've finished all the red part! Ah, such is life.

Anyway, thanks once again to everyone who entered my first ever giveaway. As always, I appreciate the fact that you take time out of your busy day to pop on here and see what I've been up to.

Until next time...happy stitching!



Nicola said...

Love the Samurai. Looks great x

Anne said...

Congrats Lynn! Mr. Samurai is looking great! And yes I have the same problem as you Rhona looking at everyone's charts makes me want to get them all lol!

Crystal said...

Your samurai is looking amazing, And yes blog hopping can be dangerous on the pocket book.

Deb said...

Oh goodness, your stitched piece is absolutely amazing. I am in awe.. Those pieces are an incredible amount of work.

Lynn said...

I was so surprised when you sent me that email! I haven't been blogging much during the past weeks and I'd actually forgot all about the draw.
Thanks so much, you made my day!!

Suzanne said...

Nice progress on your samurai.