Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another hectic week!

I was hoping that things would return to normal after our holiday (and after I had got caught up with the washing and ironing.) But life never seems to work the way you plan it. I seem to have been running around in circles and getting nowhere! Sound familiar?!!

My daughter leaves for university on Monday, and I have been desperately trying to get everything I think she will need. I have to remember that she is not going to the far side of the moon and whatever she doesn’t have, she can easily go to the local shop and buy…. or do without! But, it’s that ‘being a mum’ thing that makes you worry and fret over every little detail. No doubt I’ll be off to the shops again tomorrow as there’s bound to be something else I have to buy for her! lol
So as if having DD off to uni isn’t enough stress I have decided that, as it’s already August, I really should have the Tangled Threads website up and running….finally!  I have been busy checking thread colours, turning the cross stitch charts into pdf files, making up samples and generally stressing over everything! So, hopefully, after this weekend we will be up and running!
Phew! No wonder I have grey hairs!! Lol

So on to some stitching news….
While back in Scotland one of my dad’s neighbours very kindly asked if I would like some old cross stitch patterns she had. I was very excited to see them as this neighbor is originally from Sweden. She explained that the charts were very old and probably very out of date…..but to me, that made them all the more interesting! This is what she gave me….

Aren’t they wonderful?
And this is what I’m stitching just now. It’s a summer alphabet for Tangled Threads.

And since I haven’t done much stitching this month, my ort jar looks like it belongs to “Old Mother Hubbard”, in the sense that it’s bare, except for two or three sad looking thread ends! I’d better get cracking otherwise I will certainly win the prize of ‘least filled ort jar’!

Until next time…happy stitching!



Mouse said...

oooo lovely charts .. look more like for tapestry than cross stitch .. fab bright colours even if they are old ... and ooooo web site .. must have been asleep when you've mentioned it before take care love mouse xxxx

Nicola said...

Not surprised your ORT jar is almost empty! you pack so much intro your days!
By the way... I spy with my little eye... something lovely in WOXS xx

Lynn said...

Those charts are lovely! Just the fact that they're different makes them all the more special. Love them!

cucki said...

wow..very lovely sweet..
love and hugs xx