Thursday, August 25, 2011

An eventful week.

Between dropping my daughter off at college, experiencing an earthquake and getting everything ready for the grand opening of the Tangled Threads web site this has been was one eventful week!
For anyone who hasn’t read or heard about the earthquake (where have you been?!!! lol) details can be found here.   Suffice to say, I have experienced it and if it were on my bucket list I would quite happily cross it off the list and not experience it again…..very weird!
As for Tangled Threads, I am still in the process of converting my design charts in to pdf’s – it’s rather a slow process.  It doesn’t help that I decided to re-do all the ones I had made so that they would be easier for stitchers to read. Anyway, I’m getting there! I have been collecting ideas for different ways to use the designs, and now just need an extra few days in the week to be able to get everything done! Doesn’t that sound familiar?
So, here is the finished flip flop design….with the right colour of backstitching!

I think this would be so cute stitched to a towel or on a child’s swim bag….you can see why I need the extra days in the week!

And I haven’t forgotten about The Mighty Samurai, or the fact that I hate metallic threads! But here’s the progress with him so far.

I have actually done a fair bit of stitching on him but as it’s just the odd stitch here and there, it’s not too obvious. Here’s a close up of the backstitching on the sword. I think he’s coming along nicely!

I’m still trying to catch up with my blog reading, I'm so behind! But that's what you get when you go away for two weeks! So, I will eventually get round to reading and commenting on all the wonderful blogs I follow. In the meantime, a big warm welcome to the new followers and a big thank you to all of you who leave comments for me.

Until next time…happy stitching!



cucki said...

lovely stitching..samurai is really growing so lovely..well done xx

Margaret said...

The earthquake was something, wasn't it? Good luck with your opening. That flip flop design is cute! Love the samurai too. My DD doesn't go back to college till the 10th, so it's a while yet. Seems everyone else is going back now.

Ma Teakettle said...

Oh Rhona, your Mighty Samurai is fabulous, he is so handsome and the colors are beyond gorgeous! I love the detail, I can't stop looking at the sword handles(?) and the tree. I am awed.

That earthquake was unreal wasn't it? I didn't even feel it but hubby was on the 42nd floor of his office building and felt it good. I'm glad that you were safe :)Now we have Irene making the headlines here...just gotta adore the East coast...not! LOL

I am so excited about the web site and can't wait, take your time we will be there when it's ready, and I will be a patient girl until it's up and running :)

Stay safe

Carol said...

Hi Rhona! Just wanted to say thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I'm happy to have discovered yours, too, and am now your newest follower :)

Cute summery flip flop design and your samurai is quite the handsome fellow! Good for you for dealing with metallic threads--I avoid them at all costs if I can :)

Squirt said...

greetings from New Paltz! Your designs look fantastic and I cant wait to see more!! Also your samurai looks fantastic.. must have taken ages to stitch..

Lynn said...

Love the little flip flop design!
Wow, there is definitely quite a bit of back stitching on the Samurai! He looks absoltuely fantastic!