Friday, August 12, 2011

Lots of have been warned!!

With the magic of Blogger, the last few post appeared while I was away on holiday. I have to admit that I did have my fingers crossed that I had managed to schedule everything correctly!
To those of you who commented, I will eventually get round to replying (still desperately trying to catch up with laundry etc!), but thanks to everyone who left a comment, I really enjoy reading them!

So….. as for the holiday, we went back to Scotland. My first trip back in almost ten years. It was wonderful! (Apart from the weather, I had forgotten just how much it rained over there!)
This is me and my daughter sporting the typical Scottish summer attire!! lol

 Anyway, it was lovely to see family and friends again and to be able to visit some wonderful historic sights. I had packed some stitching to do while on the plane and for doing in the evenings, but as they say, the best laid plans etc etc! lol
This is what I took with me, although it didn’t look quite so battered when we left!

There were three new charts, threads for each design, fabric, needles, and since I couldn’t get a clear answer about taking scissors on the aircraft, I took this……

a dental floss thingy! It wasn’t brilliant for cutting the threads but at least it worked and there were no hassles about getting it on the plane. I did manage to get some stitching done on the flight over as the entertainment system wasn’t working, but as it was a night flight I ended up snoozing for a good bit….you know the way you do on a plane until your neck hurts or you wake yourself up when your head falls!
The plan for stitching in the evenings went out the window as we were far too busy being tourists as you can see….
 Broughty Ferry castle....cold and windy! Me in the middle with son Robert and daughter Eirinn.

Me and my not-so-little boy, Broughty Ferry beach...cold and windy!

 Broughty ferry beach...finally warm and windy!!

 Edinburgh castle from the top of the Scott monument...a lovely wet summer's day in Scotland!

 St Gile's cathedral Edinburgh...the same summer's day!

 Arbroath Abbey

Robert and me after climbing what's left of the stairs!

 Stirling Castle...windy, cold....but sunny!

I did manage to finish one of the designs I had taken with me, and had high hopes for getting lots of stitching done on the seven and half hour flight home, but yet again, the stitching gods had other plans. The flight home was so rough that we had to have our seat belts on all the time! There was so much turbulence that there was no way to get the needle to go through the fabric! Thank heavens for the in-flight entertainment system and movies on demand!
So this is the sum total of my stitching for the last two weeks!

As you can see, it's still in need of washing and ironing......just what I need, more ironing!

So, hopefully things can get back to normal and I can catch up on all my blog reading which is far more enjoyable than the ironing! Hope I didn't bore you with the family photos!

Until next time...happy stitching!



cucki said...

very lovely photos..and sweet stitching xx

Lynn said...

Great photos! I'm glad that you had a good time despite the weather!