Thursday, September 15, 2011

Almost there!

Can you feel the excitement? I’m almost there…it’s the home straight….all the cross stitching is done, just the details (but there’s lots of them!) then Mr Samurai will be completed!
But now I need your opinion. Here is a photograph of the cover of the kit….

And here’s my stitching…..

So, other than the details, can you spot the difference?  Let me give you a clue…it’s bright yellow and missing in my stitching. Yes, you got it, it’s the sun.  I have deliberately not stitched the sun as I’m not sure whether I like it or not! It seems, to me anyway, just like a big yellow blob of an afterthought, stuck in the design. It’s all one colour, with no shading or colour change, which is so unlike the rest of the design. So, my question is this….do you think my stitching works without the sun?
Here's the bottom of the design finally finished, well cross stitched anyway- still got  the back stitching etc to do!

Unfortunately, the replacement threads were a slightly different shade, so I had to be 'creative' to make it work! Ah, the challenges of being a stitcher!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about me stitching with metallic threads – you did make me chuckle! You’ll be relieved to know that normal service has been resumed and I have been stitching with good old regular DMC once again!
Here are the colours I am using…

See, no metallics!
And this is my design so far…

I know, there’s not much to see. But all will be revealed soon. I’m almost there with the Tangled Threads web site….finally! lol I’ve been busy photographing samples and will be detailing everything here, so you will be the first to see the designs!
I also want to give a warm welcome to my new followers. Thank you so much for joining, and also a big thank you to everyone who leaves me a comment…I love reading them all.

Until next time…happy stitching!



cucki said...

we almost there..i am so happy for you..and so excited too..
i think it is looking fine without the sun..for me it is just perfect..
well done dear..keep well and happy stitching xx

Mouse said...

oooo I shall start the happy dance and the sun missing is fine doesn't detract from the piece at all :) (in fact didn't realise you hadn't done it hahah) can't wait to see what you've been up to... love mouse xxxx

Ruth said...

Well done on being so close to the end, it is a fantastic piece and I think it looks just as fab without the sun. If you'd showed it to me without the cover kit I'd still be wowed.

Lija said...

I don't like the sun. It seems too bright. If it was a few shades paler it might look better.

Blu said...

I think it looks just fine without the sun. And whatever "creative" thing you did, it worked because his outfit looks great!

Anne said...

Yahoo for almost getting there!!! I agree with everyone else about not having the sun. I wouldn't have noticed that there was supposed to be one unless you showed us that picture! I think you made a good decision not to stitch it in. He's looking pretty handsome!!

country stitcher said...

Great Job!!!! I think it looks terrific, and looks fine without the sun.
Happy Stitching

butterfly said...

great with out the sun, beautiful stitching well done.

sallystitches said...

Happy to see that you are almost there. I have to say that the design looks better without the sun! Looking forward to seeing him with all the detail.