Monday, September 12, 2011

Shock and Horror!

I do hope that you are sitting down to read this, as my news may come as a bit of a shock. Are you sitting down…are you ready for the earth shattering news?

Well as you all know, I have been complaining about the metallic threads involved in stitching the Mighty Samurai. You know that I hate them…well I love the effect they have, but I’m not so keen on actually stitching with them. Well this is what I chose to stitch…let me repeat that, I CHOSE to stitch this….

Yes, it’s metallic threads! I honestly don’t know what possessed me. Aren’t you glad I warned you to sit down?!!!
The picture isn’t very good as the camera can’t focus with metallic threads so I can’t get an in-focus, full on front shot - this is the best I can do.  Here is the detail looking at it from a lower angle. Aren’t the colours wonderful?

The metallic thread is DMC Jewel Effects E135 and the design is stitched on a very pale green Charles Craft 14 count aida called Light Seafoam. I thought they made a wonderful Christmas effect that was different from the usual bright reds and greens.

This is one of a set of six designs that will be for sale soon. I have used a variety of Christmas greetings in the set, and also included this one ‘Winter Wishes’ to extend the variety of occasions for giving these stitched cards. Of course I still have to make it into a card, but wanted to let you see the design as soon as it was stitched!

I have still been stitching the Mighty Samurai, I haven’t forgotten about him. I will show you an update of my progress in my next post. Hopefully there will be a much more noticeable change in him!
Thanks for dropping in today. Hope that wasn't too much of a shock!
Until next time…happy stitching!



Mouse said...

cooo I was glad I was sat down for that hahahaha ... lovely design and the metallics look lovely :) well done you :) love mouse xxxx

cucki said...

very lovely stitching with metallic..
love and hugs xx

Marlene said...

I love this pattern, so very different but so festive

Blu said...

OK, who are you and what have you done with the real Rhona?

In other news, this design is just lovely!

country stitcher said...

Absolutely love that DMC Jewel Effects color on this piece.
Happy Stitching

Carol said...

Are you a glutton for punishment, Rhona?? I can hardly stand to put in even a few metallic stitches and here you are working on two pieces using them!! Beautiful work, though :)

Lynn said...

Gorgeous!! I'm glad it was you using that floss though and not me!

Lija said...

The thread is beautiful. I might have been tempted to do the text either bolder or darker, as it is lost a bit behind the design.