Thursday, October 13, 2011

Celtic Knots and French Knots

I know that lots of people hate french knots and will run a mile from them, but I kinda like them! That is, when they behave, when they come out perfect...or almost perfect. I like them then. I wasn't always like this, in fact I used to hate them....only because I couldn't do them. It took me long time to master them but I'm so pleased I did. Sometimes a bead instead of a french knot just doesn't work. But for this design either will do.. so if you are a 'knotter' or a 'beader' you'll love this design.

So, if you're thinking you have seen this design're right! You have, it's the same design  that I used for the biscornu. How versatile is that!?!!

After making the biscornu, I decided to stitch it again and to make it into a Christmas card. I love that rich blue for Christmas and the red border on the card makes the whole design pop.  If you want to, you could add a stamped greeting on the card or use those peel off sticker greetings. Although I like the simplicity of the plain card, I like the way your eye is drawn in to the stitching.

The charts for these designs can be found on my website here, just scroll down and they are the third item. There are four different Celtic knots using the same colours as this design, but if you fancy changing the colours scheme...go for it! (Just don't forget to take a picture and let me see it!)

Anyway, since I was on a roll, I decided to then use the same design and make a Christmas ornament. (Talk about doing a Martha!!)

But, I couldn't decide if I liked the ribbon on the corner like this

 or like this...

The great thing about this design is that it works either way!

Here's a close up of those "love 'em or hate 'em" french knots...

So if you are a 'hate em' kind of stitcher, then as you can see, the design would work great with some dark blue beads. And if you are a 'love em' kinda gal, then there's plenty to get your teeth into here!

So let me know...are you a love em or a hate em?

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about the biscornu instructions. I hope I have given some of you the confidence to make at least one!

Until next time...happy stitching (and knotting!)



cucki said...

hello dear, i love french knots..they are my sweet little knots :)
i love your card and ornament..they are all so really very creative..
keep well and have a lovely day.
hugs xxx

Mrs. Know Nothing said...

Rhona, I don't like french knots, but I do my best to deal with them as they come up in life. I have never used beads, so I can't comment in that respect. I love all the different finishes that you have done using this design. They are all quite lovely.


Mangogirl said...

I like french knots... don't know about love... I love the effect but not always the knots!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I don't mind the odd french knot but if there are lots of them I'd rather bead, especially for a patterned border where it's important they all come out the same size and shape!

Anne said...

It's such a pretty design, and versatile too! I love it as a card and as an ornament Rhona! I love to make french knots. I think they are fun to make :D

Margaret said...

Nope, don't like French knots. lol! But I do think this is pretty. I'm going to bookmark the biscornu instructions. I've always wondered how to make them. Thanks!