Monday, November 28, 2011

A Quick and Easy Gift For Christmas

I love to stitch gifts for people - I get to indulge in my hobby and I can also give someone a unique gift. But.....don't you find that some people are just so hard to find gifts for? Well, fear not! Whether it’s for the family relative that has everything, a teacher’s Christmas gift or for that last minute hostess gift, this little project covers them all – and you know that no-one else will be bringing the same gift.

Here's how to go from this....

To this......

Another quick and easy project that I hope you will enjoy!
Here’s how to make this unique gift that looks time consuming and expensive but isn’t!
All you need are  some little candles in glass jars– the type you can pick up cheaply from the Dollar Store/Poundland etc., some wide ribbon (approx. 2.2 cm wide), some contrasting narrower ribbon, your stitched letters from the Christmas Word Decorations chart, (back each letter with iron-on interfacing and cut out each letter one square from the edge of the stitching) and some glue.

The candles I used were just over 6cm tall and cost me about $1 each! Yeah...this project won't break the bank! These ones are round but the project would also work with square holders as long as they were approximately 4cm wide or larger. Just make sure that the edges do not taper too much, otherwise it will be hard to attach the ribbon on!

Step 1
Secure the wider ribbon round the middle of the candle jar.

Step 2
Position contrasting ribbon in the center of the main ribbon and glue in place.

Step 3
Glue the first letter centrally on the candle.

I tied some thread round mine to hold the stitching in place until the glue had dried.

Step 4
Repeat the process with the remaining letters, ensuring that the ribbons and stitching are level.

Once the glue has dried you can remove threads holding stitching in place and your gift is finished, it's that easy!!

Any of the ten words that are on the Christmas Word Decorations charts (available at my website under the Cristmas section) are suitable for making this gift. You could even use the same words for multiple gifts but make each gift different by changing the colours of the stitching or by changing the colours of the ribbons – simple!

Think how festive would it look to have the lit candles on the mantle piece with the words 'dream' or 'noel' glowing  for all to see!

Now I just have to find some time to get the Christmas decorations up!

Until next time...happy stitching!



cucki said...

wow they are so sweet..great idea xx

Mouse said...

ooooo I like :) lovely idea .... :) love mouse xxx

Margaret said...

Very nice! What a great gift idea!

Lynn said...

Brilliant idea, I love them! Thanks for the tutorial too.

country stitcher said...

What a very cute idea!Thanks for sharing. this is diffenently on my to do list.
Happy Stitching

Mangogirl said...

what an awesome gift idea!

Anne said...

What an amazing gift idea!! You are so creative Rhona!!