Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sniffling and Stitching

Sniffling and stitching really don’t go together! Not only is it hard to concentrate when you have a cold, but stopping to blow your nose every two seconds really does eat into your stitching time! So not much stitching done this week, but I do have a couple of stitchy things to show you.
I have been working on getting my Christmas cards stitched up as Christmas is coming in fast… just in case you didn’t realize!!!!

 I used the Christmas Word Decoration charts from (of course!) . I used the word JOY as I think that it’s a lovely sentiment for Christmas. I stitched the letters then backed them with iron-on interfacing (so that the colour of the card doesn’t shine through.) I carefully cut round the stitching leaving me with three squares to, quite literally, play with. This is where the fun comes in, as there is so much you can do, so many different layouts etc. Here’s the first card….

I made a predominantly blue card so that the red squares would really pop, and used red accents to tie it all together. The patterned paper just stops the card from being too plain but doesn’t take your eye away from the stitching.

Here you can see all the layers to make the card.

This was relatively quick to make as there is no fancy cutting, it’s all squares and straight lines!

The next card is all straight lines too, but a little bit more tricky to make. But never fear, all you need is a metal ruler and your trusty craft knife!

Once I had stitched and backed the letters, I attached them onto a thin piece of red ribbon. My one piece of advice if you are going to make this card, is to make sure the pieces are glued well and are dry before you start to attach them to the card (yes, I learned the hard way!!!) Then all you need to do now is to take your trusty craft knife and make the card with the aperture – or alternatively, buy one! I attached the ribbon to the inside of the card and topped the front with a ready-made ribbon bow.

This was from a pack of ten that I picked up from JoAnns for a couple of dollars.
Now you could stop here, as the card looks great like this…or if you are like me and like to keep playing with paper and ribbons etc, then you can keep playing! I added some patterned paper to the back so that it showed through the aperture. I kept the pattern quite subtle so that it didn’t detract from the stitching.

This next picture is taken from a strange angle, but it shows the effect of the letters being suspended from the card.

I want to use this ribbon layout to make some Christmas tree ornaments using some of the other words that are on the chart, but that will have to wait till I've stopped sniffling quite so much - maybe  next post!

So there you are, some more quick and easy (and very effective) Christmas cards. Now if only I knew someone called Joy!!!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Mouse said...

lovely ideas there ... have done those types but not with stitching mmmmm you've got my thinking cap on .. and I don't know a Joy either heheheh
ooo that blue patterned paper was it put through a embossing folder first ??? love mouse xxxx

cucki said...

yup..great idea..looking so lovely.well done xx

country stitcher said...

Great Christmas Cards, and some great ideas also.
Happy stitching

JenniDMills said...

They look great Rhona.
No Christmas cards from me yet .. too busy with butterfly princess.

I hate stitching with a cold, you feel grotty too don't you? I hope you are better soon.

Lynn said...

Fabulous Rhona! I love that last one!

Karoline said...

Lovely cards, hope you're feeling better

Mangogirl said...

lovely cards, sucha simple design and so much you can do with them!

I'm not stitching cards this year but I will be making them.

Anne said...

Beautiful cards Rhona, as usual!! Hope you feel better soon!!