Friday, December 30, 2011

My Stitching Review

Do you ever get to the end of the year and wonder what you achieved in that year? I have this fear of wasting time......everyone else seems to be doing so many things - not so much great things, but just doing things. So as this year comes to a close, I've decided to go through all the stitching that I did this year to prove to myself, that I did something!

So here's some pictures of this year's stitching. Most of them you will have seen before. I do have some other stitching that I have done, but can't show just yet! Never mind, all will be revealed in the New Year, so not long to wait.

My biggest and most complicated finish for 2011...

Some smaller finishes.....

 Never again will I stitch the same design multiple times!!!

 And you know how I love my penguins!

My cute little egg cosy penguin who now sits at my desk as his cheeky little face makes me smile!

I'm still working on Dieter's Prayer and will show you an update in my next post.

I've got some great things to go on my website in the new year and am busy trying to get everything prepared for that. I'll have some new designs and stitching to show soon. I also want to add some new pages to my blog so I'm going to be a busy little beaver over the next few days and weeks.

I'd like to thank everyone who became followers of my blog. I never thought I would make such wonderful friends when I started blogging almost a year ago......perhaps a giveaway is in order to mark this milestone?!!! Watch this space!! lol

So as the new year approaches I'd like to wish you all health and happiness for 2012.

Until next year...happy stitching.



Ruth said...

Love the work and cant wait to see the changes you make to your blog and looking forward to seeing your website. I like you am always afraid I didn't do much for the year so next year I'm keeping a list of my finishes just so I can see what has been accomplished.

Beth Pearce said...

You did a ton of stuff this year. Thanks for sharing it. Have a Happy New Year.

Kylie said...

Beautiful finishes.
Happy New Year to you.

Anne said...

Oh Rhona you have been super busy!! You've made TONS of wonderful designs and lovely cards and things!! My favourite, as you know, is your geisha man!! I'll remember your trials and tribulations stitching him. Boy was he trouble!! But he's worth it in the end!!

Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing what you will make next!!



Mouse said...

isn't it nice to see what you actually have achieved through out the year :) and well done on the almost anniversary of blogging
wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxx

cucki said...

beautiful finishes..
happy new year xx

Miamina said...

It's great to see all the stitching you've completed this year as well as creating such lovely designs.

Well done on producing such an interesting and informative blog and a lovely website to showcase your designs.

Can't wait to see what designs you create next year and look forward to seeing the changes to your blog.

Happy New Year!

Mangogirl said...

You have been busy this year :D I have loved those penguins and so did all my family.

Anonymous said...

You are so creative! Congratulations for all the beauties you have created ! You have a new fan ;-) Ann