Thursday, December 22, 2011

When will I learn?

Just a quick post as I'm sure everyone is trying to get all those last minute things done for Christmas! I've finally got the tree decorated (thanks Eirinn!) and can now feel like it's Christmas! I've just got to get those presents wrapped while everyone is out of the house!

Not much progress on the stitching of the Dieter's Prayers. This is how you saw it last time....

And this is how it looks today...

I had hope to get a fair bit of it stitched yesterday while my daughter had the last surgery on her jaw, but in true Rhona style, I took everything except  my glasses. This may sound familiar to some readers as this happened before.....same doctor, same surgery! You can laugh about it  read about it here. When will I learn? I'll not tell you how long it took me to backstitch the lettering without the old specs! lol For some strange reason, I've decided to do the backstitching as I go along rather than leaving it to the end. Anyone else do their backstitching this way?

Anyway, I'm sure I will have it completed by the time all the Christmas and New Year munchies are finished ....perfect timing!

I'm off to wrap those presents!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Miamina said...

I hope your daughter's surgery went well.

I love the project that you are doing though, I'll have to stitch that at some point! I do sometimes do my backstitching as I go, usually if it's a very large project with a ton of backstitching. If it's only a little backstitching I leave it all until the end.

Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas!

Cath said...

I think you need to get a spare pair of specs to leave in a stitching bag , lol.
Merry christmas to you and yours , it has been a pleasure getting to know you more over the year .
take care .XXX

Nicola said...

Lovely WIP. Is it your design?

cucki said...

wishing merry christmas to you and your family..
lovely stitching..
love cucki xx

Mangogirl said...

Just be glad you don't need the glasses all the time. Mine never leave my face.

Beth Pearce said...

Yes, I have been there with everything BUT the thing you really need.

Hope your daughter's surgery went well.

And, yes, on big projects, I backstitch as I go along. Not so much on small projects.

Merry Christmas

Lija said...

I don't tend to backstitch as I go along, which might be my problem ... as some of my projects have to wait to be backstitched for months! I have finished a beautiful design of a hippo ... but backstitching hasn't been picked up since summer.