Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday's Show and Tell!

This is going to be a rather disjointed post today as I have lots of little bits to show you and tell you about.

So, first of all, I'm joining in with Daffycat's TUSAL again this year. Details of this years TUSAL can be found here at Daffycat's blog. (Even if you don't want to join in with the TUSAL I would recommend popping over to visit Daffycat's blog...she does amazing work!) The first Tusal post will be January 23rd...or thereabouts!

The next thing I want to tell you is that there's a terrific giveaway at Heather's blog. She's giving away some fantastic charts so please pop over to her blog and have a look. You won't be disappointed!

And now for the 'show' part! (Perhaps the title of this post should have been 'tell and show' since I've done it in the wrong order!!!) Anyway, here's the progress on the Dieter's Prayer.

Unfortunately the frogs paid me a visit and I had quite a bit of unpicking to do. Since the mistake involved the border design I had to unpick, there was no way to fudge round it. Sigh. Guess that's what happens when you try to stitch and watch the Harry Potter marathon on TV! Still it's coming along nicely and really shouldn't take too long to finish. I'm thinking of making it into a wall hanging - that way I get to play with the sewing machine too!

Remember these cards I made last year?

They were from the Power Of Pink chart pack from This was a set of designs highlighting Breast Cancer Awareness. All proceeds from the sale of the charts were donated to the Susan G Komen foundation. Here's a picture of the official receipt that was sent to me. Thanks you to those who stitched these designs and to the many of you who also support this charity in your own way.

As this is a charity close to my heart, I will be designing something new again for this years Breast Cancer awareness month (October). Details will follow nearer the time.

One last thing I have to tell you. I have just discovered the daylight bulb....and all I can say is WOW!!! I was always put off buying these babies as they are so expensive, but when they were on sale at JoAnns for half price, I thought I'd take a chance and buy one - now I'm wishing I had bought two or even three! They are amazing, not just for sewing but they make a fantastic difference for reading too. I can stitch late at night, pick thread colours and know that in the morning I'm going to be just as happy with my selections as I was  the night before (something that I could never do before). I'm just waiting for JoAnn's to have another half price sale on these bulbs!

Until next time...happy stitching!



cucki said...

Hello dear very lovely stitching like always,, I always love your stitching and the way you finished them,,
A big congratulations and lots of love for you
Cucki xxx

Mouse said...

oooo well done on the light bulb moment and way to go on the breast cancer awareness ... sorry you had frogs too :( hope you've got sorted now and back on the road to stitching again :) love mouse xxxx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Rhona thanks for visiting my blog.

I've had a bad case of the frogs so far this year too, and like you there was just no way to get around it too!

In Canada we have Run for the Cure a 5k charity run for breast cancer research. I had a close call 5 years ago the biopsy came back clean. So I've been doing the run for 4 years now. Each year I've managed to raise a little more money.

Keep up the good work

Mary Ann said...

Dieter's Prayer is looking great--sorry about the frog visit, though.

The cards are very pretty and for such a wonderful cause!

Lynn said...

Dieter's Prayer is coming along nicely. It would have been great if the frogs had stayed home though!
It's so good that you create these designs for breast cancer awareness. It's a wonderful way to get involved.
I love my daylight lamp! I don't think I could stitch at night without one now.

breast cancer said...

Wow nice .. I love this pink ribbon that all the time tell every one to protect their self from this dangerous disease.. Well every women should get knowledge or consult doctor for complete proper and regular breast cancer checkup.

Carol said...

Nice progress on Dieter's Prayer--hope those frogs have moved on to another pond now :) Your cards are so pretty and for a great cause...

Don't know what I'd do without my daylight bulbs. The older these eyes of mine get, the more I need to use them!!

Mangogirl said...

your stitching is looking great.