Monday, January 16, 2012

The trouble with on-line shopping!

I'm sure most of you seeing the title will be thinking 'Yeah, she spent too much!'. Surprisingly, I was very good and only bought the one thing, but that had nothing to do with self control or super will-power, but more due to the fact that it was just before Christmas and the poor old credit card was practically melting due to over use!

This is what I bought  my hubby to give me at Christmas (You know what men are was a case of if you want something as a gift, buy it yourself, otherwise, heaven knows what you'll end up with!!)

It's  Dimensions Elegance of the Orient. I thought it would go nicely with my  Mighty Samurai who's looking rather lonely on my living room wall!
So, by now you're wondering what the trouble with on-line shopping. Was it the price? Nope, great price - there was 30% off at JoAnn's at the time. Delivery? Nope, great delivery -arrived in just a couple of days after placing the order. The problem is that when you order, you can't see the design properly. As much as I love the design...especially all the colours in the kimono, I HATE the colour of her skin. It's soooo pink, it  almost cartoon-like and rather disappointing. I really don't know if I would have bought the kit if I had been in a shop and was able to pick it up and see it properly.  I'm trying to decide if I should change the colour of the skin or not. Maybe it won't be as bad as it looks in the picture - I hope not. Anyway, I've started stitching it (after all, you can't have a new kit and not open it!) Not much progress, but this is what I have done so far.....

I've learned my lesson from the Mighty Samurai and am being very frugal with the threads! I have a feeling that this will be a long term project!!

On a different note, if you like adding charms to your stitching (which I do!), you really must head over  here, where Nancy is having a giveaway of some of the most adorable sewing charms. Do check out the rest of her blog....she does the most amazing work. Plenty of designs to drool over!

Until next time...happy stitching!



cucki said...

wow it is such a lovely kit..
well done for the start..
happy stitching all the way..
hugs cucki xx

Catherine's Sewing Corner said...

I love your new kit. I.m sure it will be nice when finished. I know what you mean about buying things yourself. You get what you want then!!
Have a nice week
x catherine

Anonymous said...

I love this kit. Sure you can change the skin color if you don't like it, why not? I wish you great stitching and I am looking forward to follow you progress on it. Take care, Ann

Mouse said...

ooooo she will look fab with the samurai and is the colours of the floss the same as the photo on the front ???? ... if case then may be change it to a more normal colour as I can tell your not happy the skin colour already ... nice start on it though :) love mouse xxxxx

Blu said...

She is very pretty. Try out the colour for a few stitches and if you absolutely hate it go ahead and change it.

Generally skin tones tend to be DMC 754 and 758. I'm not in any way a pro, but if you run into serious difficulties feel free to drop me a line.

natalyK said...

I think the design is beautiful and you definitely can change her skin color. Why not? Make her your own and you will be quite happy.

Anne said...

Ooh, a partner for the Samurai! He will be mightily pleased :D I agree with everyone else, change the skin if you find you don't like it. I find it hard to shop online as well because the colours are never very "true" to what they actually look like. Great start so far though!!

JenniDMills said...

So sorry to hear that, it's very disapointing.
But I know you are clever enough to change the colour. Is it 819? I use that one sometimes and 818.

Carol said...

Such a pretty new kit! Try some of the DMC shades mentioned on a corner of the fabric first and I'm sure you'll find one you like better... Keep us posted!!

Mangogirl said...

So pretty :D at least you can substitute colours if you need to.