Monday, March 5, 2012

Frogs and superstitions

So the frogs invaded over the weekend! My plan to get lots more done on the Geisha didn't work out...there's almost less to show of her today than there was last week!

This is where she was last time I showed you....

And this is her today....

You can see at the top where I had to unpick. I had miscounted and left four rows instead of five. Grrr! That's what happens when you watch tv while stitching! Most of the colours came out without any problem but the red has left that noticeable mark on the fabric, but I'm sure it will not be seen when re-stitched - with the correct colour in the correct place!

The love that I was beginning to feel for this design is now starting to wane again! Poor unloved Geisha!

So that was the tale of the frogs, but what of the superstitions?

Everyone tells me how superstitious a nation Scotland is, but I never really thought so until my daughter got a book of superstitions from the library. Flicking through it, I found myself nodding in agreement about lots of the articles and thinking things like "Oh, I remember my Granny doing that....oh, wait a minute, I do that too!". You know the type of thing like throwing salt over your shoulder if you spill it, not putting new shoes on the table etc. Well I came across some superstitions about scissors which I thought were very interesting, since as stitchers, scissors are something we can't do without!  So here are  the 'highlights'....
  • Scissors have protective powers since they are made from steel.
  • Always exchange a small coin in exchange when receiving scissors from a friend, otherwise the friendship will be severed. (In Scotland it has to be a silver coin)
  • If the coin is refused, bad luck will follow.
  • It is bad luck to drop a pair of scissors (that would probably explain the visit from the frogs!!!) especially if they are picked up by the person who dropped them.
  • Scissors should not be used on New Year's day
  • If the scissors fall point downwards then a death will follow.
  • A pair of scissors opened in the form of a cross and laid over the doorstep would prevent entry from witches (wonder if it would stop frogs?!!)
Anyway, I thought they were quite amusing, hope you did too!

Until next time...happy stitching!


Fiona said...

how interesting, who knew there were so many superstitions about scissors?! Sorry to hear the frogs have been visiting, they have been in my house too, here's hoping they've left again now :)

Anonymous said...


Great post about scissor superstitions. I've heard some of them but not all. Thank you for that!

Bad news about the frog. Hope you start feeling the love for your geisha soon!

demeter83 said...

Beautiful stitching, and fascinating scissor info. It's amazing how many superstitions we all have without evenr ealising that we do them.

Mad about Craft said...

My Scottish granny was very superstitious but it hasn't rubbed off either my Mum or me except I think things run in threes, I can prove it time and time again.

Lynn said...

Interesting tidbits! I'm of Scottish descent but we're not particularly superstitious.
There is definite progress on Geisha. Those frogs seem to be making the rounds. They've been here lately too!

Anonymous said...

Yeay, Rhona, Geisha progress. Thank you for sharing. And I decided to look ONLY "under her belt" and you made great progress there! So twice congratulations, (1) for your progress and (2) for having had the courage to take out the froggy ones so you can start anew next time with the right color. Way to go Rhona. Happy stitching !Ann

JenniDMills said...

NO!!! Send that frog packing ... but not to my place please.

I've dropped my scissors too many times. I must have awful luck.