Friday, March 16, 2012

Happiness is an empty biscuit tin!

The biscuit tin is empty....yippee! No, I'm not on a diet, and I did like  the biscuits that were in the tin, the reason I'm so happy it's empty is this......

The tin is the perfect size for holding all my bits and bobs for whatever project I'm working on! The stitch bows fit in perfectly, and I never lose my needle as its stuck to my magnet which is attached to my tin - no more pierced feet (or bottoms) as someone finds my lost needle! lol

I have some progress to show you on the geisha, although there's not as much as I would have liked, as I'm still having those dratted headaches. Here's where she is now...

So, it's just a quick post today as I'm heading off to fit in a Zumba class before going to pick up my daughter and her friend from college as they start their spring break. Number One Son went back to college yesterday, even though they don't start classes till next week! No, he's not fitting in more study time (chance would be a fine thing!!) he's off to see the college ice hockey championships....way more important than spending time with his old mum! lol

Until next time...happy stitching!


Beth Pearce said...

Great use of a biscuit tin! Your Geisha is coming along fine.

Anonymous said...

YEAH ! GEISHA PROGRESS ! You are doing GREAT Rhona! Keep up the marvelous stitching and hopefully the headaches will go away fast...Take care, Ann

Mangogirl said...

Hey :D thought you would like to know that I gave you a liebster blog award. You can find the details on my blog :D

Anonymous said...


That is a great tin!

Your geisha looks lovely.
Hope you get rid of your headache soon.

Happy stitching.