Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snowfalls and beach scenes!

Finally Mother Nature realized that it was winter and decided to give us our first significant snow fall of the year. I can't believe we managed to get to the very end of February before having to break out the snow shovels! I'm not complaining, mind you, as my poor hubby had surgery on his shoulder last year and is unable to use the snow blower and I'm just not strong enough to maneuver the beast of a thing (snow blower, not hubby!!! lol)

This was the scene from my kitchen door yesterday....

The patio is sheltered by the back of the house and doesn't get as much snow, so it doesn't look too deep in this picture.

The kids in the neighborhood were all happy today as it kept snowing throughout the night and they  got their first 'snow day' of the year (no school as the roads are too bad for the school buses.)

I'm hoping that  the boor birdies can find some food and water....

This is what it was like last year in January, so we really can't complain!

Anyway, enough of the snow, after all this is a stitchy blog!

So, no progress to report on the Geisha, but I do intend to work on her over the weekend. I'll give you a progress reprt on Monday.

The beach scene that I showed you on Monday is now complete!!

This is a set of three beach scenes which will be a wonderful antidote to all the snow!

After showing you the picture on Monday, I did change the turquoise colour to a slightly paler shade which works so much better. It looks quite bright on the photo but isn't quite so vibrant in real life. So now I just have to decide how to finish this one, bearing in mind there are two other designs in the set.

So for me, it's the perfect day to stay inside and stitch!

Hoping you are keeping warm and safe wherever you may be.

Happy stitching!


milly said...


Love your snow pictures.

Your row of beach huts is lovely too.

Joysze said...

Beautiful snow pics, Rhona and the beach scene looks so pretty.

Fiona said...

lovely stitching as usual Rhona & belated thanks for my birthday comment from you on FB :) I think the design would look lovely patched onto a canvas beach bag :)

Mouse said...

coooo thats a wee bit of snow you got there and yup defo perfect for staying indoors and stitching .. love the wee beach huts ... they remind me of the ones that used to be at Scarborough .... not sure if they are still around .... take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

Anonymous said...

The beach scene is wonderful! Congratulations! About the finish, how about a wall hanging, composed of 3 frames in fabric underneath each other (like your cushion minus the filling) and kept together by a ribbon (which you will see in the space between the separate frames)? Well, a picture would be easier than to describe it ;-). I am looking forward to seeing the progress on the geisha on Monday! happy stitching, Ann.

Rowyn said...

Love the row of beach huts... so summery looking!

Wow, that's a lot of snow. We had snow last year for the first time ever. I am hoping we don't get any this winter, even though it is so pretty to look at!!

Lynn said...

We've had another dump of snow but we're still way below last year's amount. That's just fine by me, lol!
Love the beach scene!

Hippywitch said...

It looks wonderful with the lighter turquoise beach hut. Makes it feel like summer :-)
I'm glad we've had no snow yet this winter, I say yet because I don't want to tempt fate!

Lori xx

Mangogirl said...

lovely snow pics :D such wonderful weather for stitching :D

I love your beach scene. We technically just left summer for autumn but... noone told the weather that.
Oh and thank you for an awesome pillow tute.