Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finishes and finishing!

As the title would suggest, I have some finishes to show you. Woohoo!

I've been beavering away at some designs suitable for Father's Day, which in case you hadn't realized, is June 17th.  Not long if you want to stitch something without having to panic about getting it finished! (Always my problem!!!)

Knowing how the men in our life love to be the King of The Grill, I've designed an alphabet with some cute chefs. I thought they would make great additions to aprons, oven gloves etc, for your 'top chef' to have when grilling season starts.

Here are some close ups....

I'm also going to be releasing some matching card designs. The one that I have stitched up matches the whole barbeque theme that I think would be perfect for Father's Day. The wording reads 'We're having a barbeque', but there will be an alphabet included so you can change it to read 'The Norries are having a barbeque' or 'Dave and Sue are having a barbeque' etc. I love how you can add a personal touch like that in your cross stitching. Just think how you're guests would feel getting an invitation like that!

The other card designs have titles such as "Drinks at our house', 'Pizza night', 'Let's get together' so they are suitable for a whole host get-togethers. There are eight designs in this set. I'm releasing these in time for Father's Day but really they are suitable for so many occasions.

And of course, Mother's day here in the US is May 13th and these designs would be perfect for mums too. Oooh, you could even do a matching set....his n hers! How cute!

So as far as finishing these designs, well, (hangs her head in shame) all I've got are ideas at the moment! I was thinking of oven gloves and aprons for Father's Day gifts. Using the designs for females is so much easier (as always!). The little chefs would make a great cover for a recipe folder. None of the males in my household would follow a recipe, so that's why I'm thinking of this for a female gift, but it would work for a male too!

Any more suggestions on how to finish these designs off would be much appreciated! I love to hear your ideas.

These designs will be up on my website sometime over the weekend.  More details to follow...along with some pictures of my finishing!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Helen said...

LOVE the little chefs! Very cute! Matching his & hers would be sweet - I will keep an eye on your website :)
As for finishing ideas - how about putting some on a little board next to hooks for hanging the barbeque tools on? Happy stitching!

Hippywitch said...

Oh they are cute! Now I don't know any men who like to cook and that includes barbequing, how strange!
Lori xxx

Veronica said...

These are so cute :) Love em!


Anonymous said...

Hello Rhona, whow, you have such brilliant ideas and you make such cute designs. Another finish could be at the top of a grocery list booklet; or a to-do list in the kitchen? Have fun and happy stitching as always ;-) [small whisper to the geisha to come out again hahahaha...looking forward to seeing her ;-) ] Ann

Stitching Noni said...

Love your little chefs! Your finishing ideas are great - I think that matching his n hers apron or kitchen gloves is a great idea. Thank you for the lovely new designs ;0)

Mangogirl said...

awww such gorgeous designs :D