Monday, May 7, 2012

Bits and pieces!

I had the strangest weekend....I didn't pick up a needle at all! I can't remember the last time I didn't do any stitching at all, in fact this may be a first...and hopefully last! So my post is very much a mixture of bits and pieces !

So, I've got a couple of things to share with you. First of all, I was thrilled to be  asked by Ruth, the editor of The World Of Cross Stitching,  to write a piece for their website. How could I say no?!!!She wanted me to write about the acronyms of stitching, you know these strange terms that we use but any non-stitcher would be totally confused about, and probably wondering if we were up to no good! You can read my post here.  Just don't laugh at my photograph, I hate having my picture taken!

And here, is the final project using the chef alphabet!

Basically it's a little bucket full of barbeque bits and pieces - herbs, spices, hot sauces, basting brushes....whatever you fancy putting in the bucket! The great thing about this is that you can tailor make it to the recipient - and it doesn't cost a fortune. 

I added the little chef letter to a wooden stick and added a black and white checked ribbon to match the little chef's cute is that?!!

To make it specific for a Father's day gift I added the 'Dad' stitching, and hey - presto, an instant male gift!

The great thing about this alphabet is that it's suitable for male and female chefs (or wanna be chefs!) For Mum, if she doesn't like barbequeing, just fill the bucket with baking/cookie making supplies! This would also be fantastic for getting  kids interested in cooking or baking. They would love having their own baking supplies and would be able to carry everything in their own little bucket!

And of course, no chef  (big or small!) would ever dream of  working without their apron.....

Of course, you could stitch anything onto the apron, a name, a title, 'head chef' etc. the possibilities are endless.

The chef alphabet can be found on my website here.

I hope you've enjoyed these little chefs as much as I have!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Toni said...

Dear Rhona,

Thank you very much for your comment on my blog. Really appreciate it.

Your Chef projects are all so cute! And congratulations on your write up on WOXS website, very nice one and so well-written!

You're not alone on not picking up your needle. Since I started working, there are days that I can't do any stitching because I feel so tired all I want to do is sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rhona

I will definitely read that article and there's nothing wrong with your photo!

Your chef designs are great!

Miamina said...

I've read your article and thought it was great!

I love the little chef alphabet and such a great way to make up a gift.

You always have such great ideas!

Mouse said...

It was lovely to see you again and well done on all the abbreviations ... I am sure we have more to make up
love the chef and how you have finished him too :)
love mouse xxxx

Anne said...

Love your writing bit on abbreviations Rhona! Great for the non-stitcher! Took me awhile to figure out all those acronyms!! Fabulous ideas too for Father's day gifts!! Your little chefs are darling!!



lesli said...

All those chef ideas you creative!!

mdgtjulie said...

What a neat gift, Rhona. I love the idea!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great article. Wonder what they'd have though about BAP!

The chefs are so cute too.

Hippywitch said...

Love the article and I never laugh at photos as I hate to get mine taken too. I use the excuse of the Native Americans, they believe every time someone takes your picture the camera steals a piece of your soul. Good way to avoid losing your soul :-)

What a great idea for the bucket of pressies! Looks very fancy like a posh gift basket but with lots of useful stuff.

Have a great weekend,
Lori xx

Susan in SC said...

Thank you commenting on my blog. I appreciate that very much. I loved the article you wrote and I love this cute little chef! This is perfect for father's day.

Mangogirl said...

awesome article :D and great father's day gift ideas!