Thursday, May 3, 2012

A visit from the Finishing Fairy!

Well the Finishing Fairy not only sprinkled some finishing dust, but I think she must have moved in with me this week as I have so many things to show you! Talk about being productive!!! You might want to grab a cuppa as I've a feeling this might be a long post!

So you may remember my little chefs that I showed you last week, well this is what I did with them.

First of all, I decided to make a card (my goal to make at least one card  per month is still on track!) I thought the little chefs would be great for both male and female recipients, but since females are soooo much easier to make for, I decided to go for the easy option. I can't take credit for this idea, I found it while wasting time  researching on the internet. It's a little apron card that's quite quick to make....

..... and doubles as a gift card holder!

When you make the pocket, just be sure to put a thin strip of glue only on the base and the sides.

This idea can also be used to make a male card just by changing the colours. A dark blue and white stripe like the old-fashioned butcher's aprons would work well, or even use a natural coloured card. The possibilities are endless.

I then added my little chef to an oven glove!

This one was bit tricky as I have never actually added any stitching to an oven glove before. I have often seen it done in magazines, but when I came to attach it I was stumped! The oven glove was so thick that I didn't think that it would be practical to stitch the design through all those layers, and of course, when I went looking to see how the magazines had done it, I couldn't find any projects like this!

After a quick trip to the craft store  for some advice, (ok, it wasn't that quick!) I came back with some fabric glue, which I have been assured is permanent and washable.  Having never used it before, I really don't know if this is true. If you've ever done anything like this before, I'd love to hear what product/method you used and how successful it was!

Another neat idea I found on the internet (if only someone would pay me to do this!) was this cute little post-it note cover.

The project I found on the internet didn't have the bottom fold, but I figured that if I were popping this little note holder into my bag, having the bottom fold over would stop the note pad getting bashed and bent. I just added a stick-on Velcro dot to keep the whole thing closed.

If I were doing this project again (which I will be!) I would put the Velcro nearer the bottom of the card. I thought this would be another great idea for when you need a little gift but can't think what to make.

Ok, still with me? Need another cuppa? We're almost there!

I used the 'We're having a barbeque' design and made it into a card invitation....

I love using ribbon on my cards, but didn't want to add a bow because I thought it might turn out too 'girly'. Instead I just tied a knot - so much easier than faffing about trying to get the perfect bow! I'll definitely be making more cards with knots from now on.

Another little change I would make if I were making more of these invitations , is to do the lettering in red thread to match the apron. I think it would stand out so much better, but hey-ho, we live and learn!

Phew! Told you I had been busy! I have one more item to show you using this chef set, but I'm going to save that for another day!

I think it's time for me to have a cuppa!

Speaking of tea, if you want to see the little thank-you gift I sent to Mouse, (she sent me the most gorgeous scissors) please pop over and visit her blog. You'll only see it there as I forgot to take a picture of it!

Anyway, until next time...happy stitching!



Valma said...

So super =D
Great ideas again
going to see Mouse' blog =D
Big hugs

Ruth S said...

Love your finishes Rhona! Ruth x
PS. Your guest blog post at is live - thanks!!!!

Breast cancer said...

wow nice superb ideas. io will search for perfect aprin with cartoons and designs on them and then will make some interseting things for my friends to gift them on birthdays. but first i will make for my dearest sister.

Breast cancer

Anonymous said...

it's such a wonderful gift you sent to Mouse. Care to give a tutorial about it? Congratulations on ALL your finished by the way. As usual they are brilliant ;-) Ann

Mangogirl said...

wow :D you've been very very busy! I love the designs! and the cards are so creative! The only oven gloves I've seen have been made up out of the stitching. But that looks like a cool idea!

sheepies said...

ooo i think ive found you now lol thanks for the blog on mine xxxx