Monday, July 30, 2012

A bit of this, a bit of that….and another magazine!

Happy Monday everyone, hope you’re having a good start to your week.

I want to show you some finishes that have finally happened!

So you may remember the knitting that I started, well I finished it in what I thought was record time (for me just finishing it was an achievement!) Here’s what it looks like finished.

I enjoyed doing it so much that I’ve started another one! I’ve been taking my knitting with me in the car and can squeeze in a good couple of rows while I’m waiting for my daughter to finish work. I leave a few minutes earlier than I have to, to make sure I can knit even a couple of rows. It’s amazing how much you can get done just squeezing some extra craft time into your day like this! This is the new scarf, which will be a Christmas pressie for a friend....

 This was just two evening in the car! Just don't tell anyone how quickly they knit up!

My next finish was the Grain of salt design you may remember from here

...all finished! I'll detail everything in another post and hopefully I'll have this all made into a gift giving package. I have the idea, but just can't find all the little bits to make up the package....sooooo frustrating!

And after all your wonderful words of encouragement about the ice-creams, I did manage to finish it, and enjoyed stitching it too!

I just have to decide what to make this into….I’m thinking that maybe a small pillow, but it would look equally as cute as a wall hanging for the kitchen! I can feel a Pinterest session coming on so that I can get some finishing ideas for this one!

And can you believe it…..another magazine in the post! I could get used to this! Sadly, I’ll probably not get another one for about a month! I can feel the withdrawal symptoms already! 

World Of Cross Stitching Issue 193
Immediate Media company

This one is The World of Cross Stitching issue 193. The unusual thing about this issue is that although I contributed to the magazine, I didn’t design anything. Confused? Let me show you….

My top ten tips for holiday stitching! Ruth, the editor, asked me for my top tips for travelling with your cross stitching. So no design, just words. The picture they have of me is quite old, and sadly I have a  lot more grey hairs and quite a few more wrinkles!! lol

Until next time...happy stitching!


cucki said...

Beautiful scarf I also stitched the same for me is truly so lovely..
Lovely stitching and congrats for coming In the mag again..
Hugs xxx

Hippywitch said...

Wow you're churning out fabulous scarves :-) They look great! The new designs are fabulous, I love the cocktails and of course the ice creams as I wanted you to finish them off!
I saw you in the WOXS, congratulations on the article! I wouldn't change a younger photo that makes you look great! I'm being drawn to the Mimi the cat chart in that mag, I can see me having to stitch that soon :-)

Have a great week
Lori xxx

JenniDMills said...

My mum knkitted one of those for me and my daughter. They are loads of fun to wear. I'm knitting a skinny scarf in stocking stitch with a varigated thread ... VERY easy.

That article you wrote looks great. i wish I got that magazine. My local newsagent has cut right back on their cross sstithcing mags. i don't think anyone was buying them ... scary.

tadamama said...

Oh my goodness, I think I'm in love with the margarita patterns and will have to get those! And the scarves are lovely!

Valma said...

Rhona you made a lovely scarf =)
and the 2nd one is following the same path
it makes a very beautiful piece, I love
shame on me, I never realised that the Rhona in the mag was in fact you :-/
I understood it with the door signs...sorry =)
next time I'll have a closer look at your picture =)
wrinkles are cute, they are the reflect of our living, if you have wrinkles it's because you often laugh and you enjoy life =D
happy crafting

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

I love your scarf! I knitted for a friend and she loved it.

Your charts are lovely!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

many compliments the scarfs are wonderful like ice cream.
I hope to find the magazine so I will read tips.
Molto brava ciao Giovanna

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sitching as Always Rhona, congratulations !!! Emm emm...any chance of seeing the geisha again? would LOVE to see her again... Take care and happy stitching ! Ann

Anne said...

Those scarves are so beautiful Rhona! Big congrats to you for finishing your first one and working on your second!! Love the ice cream too :D

Mangogirl said...

Lovely scarf I love the limes they are so cheery. congrats on another magazine