Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A day late and a dollar short….

Ok, several days late (oh my gosh, busy, busy, busy) and as for the dollar short, I have a great excuse for the lack of cash…honestly!!!

Teehee….more stash!

This yarn addiction has really taken hold – luckily I have some very good enablers,  ummm, I mean friends who donate their 40% off coupons allowing me to feed my addiction (at a cut rate price!)

So, on to some cross stitching news. I’m busy working on some Christmas designs for my website…ooops, maybe I should have warned you about the mention of Christmas in August. No doubt somebody somewhere could tell you the number of days till Christmas, but not me….all I know is that it comes around much faster than I ever anticipate. So in the attempt to be a bit more organized (yeah…like that’s going to happen!) I’ve started stitching up this new little Christmas design.

Not much to show you, but it is only August!!! So this little cutie and some more of his penguin buddies will be available on the website as soon as I can get him stitched up. Anyone else started to think about Christmas stitching?

And since I really don’t want to think too much about Christmas and all the snowy weather that comes with it, I want to show you this little summer visitor who’s been a total joy to watch….

 There have been three of these ruby throated hummingbirds enjoying the nectar from the plants and the feeder in the back garden. Sadly these delightful little creatures begin to leave New York State about now, so I may not be able to enjoy their antics for much longer.

And I almost forgot to show you the total of Granny Squares to date....

I managed to crochet some while taking my daughter back to uni....needless to say, I wasn't driving!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Pretty hummingbird - I have been thinking about christmas stitching but thats as far as I've got - still stitching halloween or autumn themed pieces.

Lisa said...

Hello, arent those hummingbirds mesmerizing? Such a treat. I love those towers of granny squares :) you'll get there! I'm new to needlework and I cant imagine doing such large projects, you make it look so easy.

Emma said...

Oh what a beautiful bird! Sadly we don't get anything like that.

I started my Christmas stitch on Sunday, only an ornament for the tree though :)

Emma xo

Valma said...

great pictures of an amazing bird you shared with us !
I have never seen such a beautiful bird
congrats for your Granny squares, the colours are beautiful