Thursday, September 6, 2012

The long journey to being organized!

Do you ever have those moments when after you have agreed to something, you suddenly wonder why on earth you said yes? After agreeing to take some pictures of my stash for an article in  The World of Cross Stitching magazine, it suddenly struck me just how unorganized I was….you may remember me blogging about trying to get organized, well that was the reason why! 

I know I’m unorganized and I’m quite happy to admit to it, but I’m pretty sure that most people don’t realize just how bad I am (hangs head in shame) and to be honest, saying it is one thing, but having everyone see it, is another matter entirely! Yes, a picture really does speak a thousand words! Luckily, in the end, all Sarah asked me for was pictures of how I store my threads….YIPPEEE….the one and only thing that I am well and truly organized with!
Here’s how I store my threads….

All neatly tucked away in DMC stitch bows and organized by colour families.

Here’s the article as it appeared on the World of Cross Stitching issue 194

Lots of great hints and tips!

And here’s the picture of me with my organized threads…

Please ignore the messy desk in the background...that mess will be conquered day!!

So, after feeling rather guilty about my lack of organizational skills, I decided to remedy that point - albeit rather slowly.

So all my magazines were just piled up on some shelves and were occasionally always falling over, so I decided that this would be where I would start my journey to being super organized.

I went out and bought some magazine holders to try to coral all the magazines. Unfortunately I had more mags than I realized and the five magazine holders that I bought just weren’t enough! Of course, when I went back to get some more magazine holders, the shop was sold out of the ones I had bought….so much for being neat, organized AND MATCHING!!!! This never happens to Martha Stewart, does it?!!!

Anyway, here’s how the magazines look now….

Rather neat, don’t you think? The rest of the shelves aren't this tidy, but I will get there!!!

So that’s the progress so far on my journey to be organized….I’ve pulled over into a motorway cafĂ© for a bit of a break!

Until next time…happy stitching!



Fiona said...

Looking good so far Rhona!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I am in a never ending struggle to get and stay organized. Looks like you've got a great start!

tadamama said...

I think it's looking great! I'm in the process of planning out my 'mom cave' and am already planning out organization ideas too!

cucki said...

looking great..
love x

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Everything in perfect order. :)
Beautiful picture many compliments.
Three months ago I purchased the DMC wood chestdrawers and I did order; I had threads everywhere.
It was a lucky fulfill purchase.
beautiful cabinet, threads in order.
happy xxx ciao Giovanna

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

i like the way you store your threads - looks both tidy and pretty!

Monique said...

How wonderful to be asked for your "secrets". I must get a few of those for my mags.

The Merry Stitcher said...

My threads are stored in a cigar box lol and I can only sit here and be envious of your storage technique and that they are in binders too! *dies* What a phenomenal idea :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Threads are in Floss-a-way bags on 5 different split rings (in numerical order).
Magazines are in Huggies Nappies Size 5 boxes are they fit perfectly. The Size 6 boxes are too small!! I have 4 large boxes of magazines dating back to the 1990s.
I waved when I saw you in the magazine!

JenniDMills said...

Take it a bit at a time and you'll be surprised at how it all adds up (as long as you keep the things you've already tackled in good order). I was interested in your thread organisation ... I use spools. But I've got a bag of doubles that need tackling. I think I'll put them in the folder I used as a travelling cross stitch pack. Thanks for the idea.

ariadne said...

What a great way to store your threads. Can you give me a link where to find those plastic pages to put threads in?AriadnefromGreece!

Mangogirl said...

Yeah thought of those things just find bobbins are easier for me. but they all look so cool stacked together. and the magazines look neat.