Monday, November 26, 2012


Anyone else having trouble with Blogger and pictures? After having loads of pictures of some stitching to show you, Blogger is telling me that I have used up all my storage space and I can't add any pictures.....unless I want to a price.

I even went back into old posts and deleted some pictures in the hope of getting round this, but to no avail. 

Anyway, I'll read the fine print later and hopefully will have some pics to show you soon.

Until next time...happy stitching.



ariadne said...

Ok dear you too have now the problem I had a while ago and was devastated at first. Well what blogger does not say from the beginning is that when you upload big pixel photos soon (it happened to me in about a year) your free picasa 1GB is over. No matter how many photos you delete this won't change. So the secret is, which is no secret as picasa and blogger tell you to do it, is to make your photos smaller. Which means before uploading your photos on your blog post you go on the photo wherever you have it filed (I use Office Picture Manager)and you change its size. You should turn it into a size 800x600 pixel so that it can be uploaded without cost. It is free to upload on this size.
Don't forget, you change the size, save and then you upload. If you have more questions just ask. I hope this will work for you!AriadnefromGreece!

Fiona said...

Other option is to link your pictures from another hosting site such as photo bucket, just copy and paste the image link( this also works in the description box on eBay, allowing you to add more photos at no cost on your listings!)

Mii Stitch said...

Haven't had that problem yet but thanks for letting us know!!

Caitlin Jordan said...

I've always used photobucket not trusting blogger to hold my photos.

Valma said...

Ho ! I didn't know about this either :-/
I will have to pay attention to the siez of the pictures I host now !
thank you for the information and I hope you'll soon find a solution, we want to continue to see your pictures =D

Anonymous said...

Dear Rhona, sorry to hear about the blogger-picture thing. Hopefully that will be resolved quickly. I have been reading your latest are such an inspiration ! What great gift ideas and creativity ! Thumbs up Rhona ! And don't worry about the mojo, somehow it always manages to find its way back and usually, as you know, the WIPS do not dematerialise in the meantime, so you can take it right up from where you left it ;-) Take care ! Ann

Wendy said...

Rhona, have you sorted this? Blogger changed the storage limit, I wrote a post about it last week.