Wednesday, November 7, 2012 cross stitch bug.

If you find him, please send him home!

Yes, it's true I have lost my cross stitch bug :(  I just can't seem to get enthusiastic about the two projects I have on the go at the moment. I do want to see them finished, but I have no desire to pick them up and work on them.So, if you have any tried and tested ways to get the stitching mojo back, please let me know!

I do have to confess to starting another project....yes, I'll admit it, I'm a serial starter! Another confession is that I can't stand to be doing nothing, so..... I had seen this kit in the craft store and thought it could be an interesting little project and when Joann's emailed me a 50% off coupon....well, how could I resist?

So as you can see from the green sticker the kit was reduced to $11.99 and then with the 50% off have to agree, I would have been mad not to splurge out (if spending $6 plus tax could be described as splurging!)

So, while watching the election coverage last night, this is what I did...

It's a bit fiddly, and the instructions are, well, lets be diplomatic and say they are not the clearest I have ever read, but I think this will be a fun project to do.

Here's a close up of the top part of the stocking...

The camera doesn't really capture the sparkle terribly well. There is a clear bead on every sequin, so it really does catch the light! My hand sewing is not the best, I really do need the little holes like aida to know where to put the stitches! I'm hoping that when it's complete no-one will be looking at the stitches and checking how evenly they are placed.  Now the burning question is....will I get it finished in time for Christmas!!

As a quick side note, I have added some more charts to my website and hope to have the little Tea sampler made in to a gift for my next post.

And one last thing, Nancy from The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having yet another amazing giveaway. Head over to her blog here to join in the fun - don't forget to tell her that I sent you!

Until next time, (when my stitchy bug will hopefully have returned)...happy stitching!



krystaline said...

You have to find it soon!!! Anytime i loose my stitchey bug i ALWAYS end up on your blog,i have a project i HAVE to finish by Xmas....Have you tried behind the fridge?

Pull the other thread said...

LOVE the stocking. It looks amazing. I also find looking at my stash or at other peoples work gets my stitchy bug back in gear a bit. I think the trick is not to worry about it :)

Mii Stitch said...

Hope you're stitching bug comes back soon... I love your new project, this little stocking is so pretty!!! A mustbefinishedbeforeChristmasproject!!!

cucki said...

oh dear i hope your stitching bug comes back soon..
i love your new project so much..big hugs xxx

Angela Cruz-garcia said...

Your stitching bug will come back. Sometimes you just need to step back and work on something else for a little while. Your stocking is looking very cute.

Caitlin Jordan said...

Very pretty stocking. good luck with finding your bug I think mi e has gone walk about with it! I e barely stitched all week

Helen Philipps said...

The stocking is so pretty! I love the sweet pattern at the top! Some day your cross stitch bug will return...but whatever you are making, enjoy your crafty times!
Helen x