Saturday, October 26, 2013

Who am I to complain?!!!

Woohoo....all the beads and sequins are sewn on the Christmas stocking! Don't you just love it when the end of your project is in sight? All I have to do is finish joining the front and the back of the stocking together. 

There are still some large quilters pins holding it together till the blanket stitching is completed. I'm also going to make a lining for the stocking and have bought some white snowflake patterned fabric for this. 

Here's a close up of one of the little snowmen... cute!

Luckily for me, last years kits came with an excess of beads and sequins which I had, in true stitcher's stash hoarding instinct, kept in a little glass jar. This year, I was three sequins short....yes THREE sequins short! THREE!!!! 

As I was stitching this stocking I kept thinking that it wasn't as sparkly as the ones I did last year, but thought that it was probably my memory playing tricks on know the old looking back with rose tinted spectacles and all that. Anyway, when I opened the jar with the old sequins....I was right, they were far more sparkly!The old ones had an iridescent sheen which sparkled  more. I guess it was the manufacturer cutting costs, but it makes a huge difference to the finished project. For the next two stockings on my list I think I'll just buy a packet of sequins rather than use the plain white ones supplied.

So my fingers survived the beads and sequins. I did buy a thimble but found it rather cumbersome and decided that I could work quicker without it. And the reason that I will never complain again about beading a simple Christmas stocking is this......

....can you imagine the hours of  work that this costume took?  ...and the weight of it all?!!! Hats of to the this stitcher (and to all those involved in the making of Downton Abbey!)

Until next time...happy stitching!



cucki said...

Wow the stocking is looking super pretty..
Sending you big hugs x

Pull the other thread said...

It looks amazing. Well done on nearly completing it!!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations Rhona - that was a lot of work but the stocking is lovely!! Anyone would be thrilled to own it.

I have a book I got on called "The World of Downton Abbey". It talks extensively about how they made the clothes used on the series...they pulled together antique clothes and fabric and trims, remade old clothes they purchased or borrowed, and specially made certain outfits. The clothes are just gorgeous in that show!

Carol said...

Gorgeous stocking, Rhona!!

Ariadne Skyrianidou said...

What a lovely stocking! You are the only one to notice the difference in beads but still it is great!AriadnefromGreece!

Mii Stitch said...

The stocking is absolutely fabulous, a work of art!!!

Melissa said...

The stocking to coming along beautifully! Keep it up :) Can't wait to see it finished!


Helen Philipps said...

So cute and I do love the 3D effects! A real treasure!
Helen x

♥ Nia said...

Oh my!!! That's so cute!!!! Adorable adorable adorable =))))
Gorgeous work!
I can't imagine how to do something like that, the work needed.. it looks just perfect! I love it :D
Beautiful!!!! :D

Wendy said...

the stocking is looking great!

Helen said...

What a gorgeous stocking - those snowmen are so cute!! It took me a long while to get used to working with a thimble & because I cross stitch without one far more often that I quilt with one it takes me a while to get used to it again each time (if that makes sense?!) How annoying about the sequins! Just as well you hoard ;-) Am looking forward to seeing the other stockings you have planned. Have a lovely week, Helen

Valma said...

wow, this is so beautiful !!!
your stocking looks so perfect, what a job you did on this one again !!
bravo =D
I admire your patience