Sunday, November 3, 2013

TUSAL and other twitterings!

You'll have to forgive the rather squint TUSAL picture... it look more like the leaning tower of orts!

Heehee!! At least there are some threads in the jar this month, so no complaints from me. 

I have been busy working away on getting the second of the Christmas stockings completed before I head over the pond and visit with family and friends. (More on that later!) Here's my progress on the second stocking...

I'm only about half way through this stocking so I can see me spending the next few nights, burning the midnight oil so that I can get it finished before I leave for the UK.

Soooo, on to my trip! Yes, I'm heading back to the UK...again! It seems really strange to be heading back home twice in one year...especially as this will only be my third trip home in over a decade. The main reason for the trip is that my daughter is studying in the Czech Republic this semester and if you need a good excuse to visit a country, seeing your daughter seemed to be a good, Prague here I come! It seemed a bit daft to go all the way to the Czech Republic and not visit home (you have to change flights in London, so why not change in Scotland...a few days later!), so it's a week in Scotland then over to Prague...can't wait. Just got to get packed now....and finish those stockings!

And speaking of stockings, here's another one!!!! Yes, I'm having plenty of practice with stockings this year. 

Craftseller magazine Issue 30
Immediate media Co.

This was one I made for this months Craftseller magazine. I hope they send the model back in time for Christmas.  Here's a pic of the inside of the stocking....yes, I battled with the sewing machine to make a lining too. I WILL eventually master the sewing machine...eventually!

...and the matching tag...

So, I guess all there is for me to do now is get that snowman stocking finished...and get the suitcase packed!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Helen said...

This stocking is looking lovely! Hope it all goes smoothly & you finish in time. The one for the magazine is very pretty too :-)Have a lovely trip! Helen

Pull the other thread said...

Great work on the stocking. That sounds like a great trip. I love the one you made for craftseller so pretty.

♥ Nia said...

Ohh another beautiful stocking coming up :D
Enjoy your trip!!!

cucki said...

Aww beautiful stocking
Enjoy your trip dear
Hugs x

RuthB said...

Love the progress -- the stocking looks amazing! But your adventure -- well that's what really has me envious. Have fun and travel safely!

Just curious: Do you go with an empty suitcase and collect stitching along the way or go with a suitcase full of projects? :)

Valma said...

another beauty here =)
I hope you are having a great time in Europe , must be a bit cold....we have such a bad weather those days here !!
and come back soon to share moments you spent there with us =D

Stitching Noni said...

Gorgeous stockings :o)
Enjoy your trip back home - and Prague! wow... what a great place to visit - enjoy :o) Travel safe!