Friday, January 17, 2014

Many a true word spoken in jest!

So there I was, all comfy in my chair spending my usual inordinate amount of time perusing , ahem, researching on Pinterest, pinning away like a mad woman when I came across this.... made me laugh and I was just about to hit the 'pin it' button, when it struck me......yeah, I should stop pinning and start making! Duh! I have so many crafts, recipes, and cross stitching things pinned but I very rarely get round to actually making anything that I have pinned. 


From now on, I'm limiting my time on Pinterest and have decided that I can only pin things after I have made something....anything!

So here's what I made.....

This was from the Homemaker magazine issue 8 that I bought when I was in the UK (yeah, it's been sitting there all this time...I do feel guilty, honestly!) 

Anyhoo, or should that be twit-twoo? I filled the owl with sand so that I could use him (or maybe her?!!) as a doorstop. I was quite pleased with it....but one of the cats wasn't as happy about our new addition as I was, as you can see if you look at the owls ear in the left hand corner of the picture. My usually not-so-brave kitty suddenly became this fierce warrior cat and pounced on the owl and ripped it's ear. Of course, as the poor owl fell backward, the cat decided to return to her normal fraidy-cat temperament and ran and hid under the bed!  A little first aid should have this owl back to being functional again and not leaking sand everywhere!

So I can now, quite categorically, say that I stopped pinning and made something.

Until next time...happy stitching!



Mii Stitch said...

Lol, this is funny!! Love, adore your gorgeous owl.. so so cute :)

Heather, aka: Big Auntie said...

OMG, I have to pin that sign (I have a whole board just for those).

Oh, wait...

That owl is so cute! You should be proud of your kitty; she went into Super Ninja action to protect you, despite her fear. Poor owl, though. Just minding her own business and got attacked by Super Ninja Scaredy Kitty.

Linda said...

Love the owl and the kitty story Rhona.


Valma said...

hahahaha, just pinned that sign =D
So true !!!
Pinterest is a trap ....but we can find so many beautiful things there
once you start you don't know when you'll stop
very cute you've done
did you pin it ?? =D
Have a great weekend

Preeti said...

Ha...ha...very true :) I have tried keeping myself away from pinning and I succeeded to some extent but one day it just happened that I got carried away again in the storm of pins ;)
Your owl looks very cute and colorful !!

Katie said...

Too cute! Congrats on your finish.

Blu said...

Your owl is so adorable!

Caitlin Jordan said...

Yeah! I did that the other day saw something I liked and just made it no thinking or planning for ages. It's a free feeling and makes you very happy.

zara may said...

I love your blog

Le trame della Galaverna said...

I love your owl. it is so cute.

♥ Nia said...

Looks so funny and cute! :)
You know, i have a board called 'pinned it, made it' where I pin my own works after getting those ideas from pinterest :) this helps me to get things done without loving all the time on pinterest ;) heheheh

Stitching Noni said...

Luckily I don't spend a lot of time on Pinterest - I would have even less time to do things! But I find it a good place to visit occasionally for ideas :)
Love that little sign though! And your owl is so cute - even with his damaged ear... Poor kitty I wonder what he thought when he first saw the owl! A little bit of TLC and little owl will be back to looking brand new again - just ready for round 2 with kitty! :)
Hugs x

Jenni Mills said...

I've never signed up for pinterest ... now I'm not sure if I should or not???

Mom E. said...

Great idea! NOW I am going to hit the follow button on our blog and GET TO WORK!!!!

Shebafudge said...

Rhona, that owl is SO cute! I love it. xx