Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tusal and thistle

Ooops! I'm late again at posting my ort jar update. I've been stitching up a storm lately and my jar is positively full to overflowing!

And yes, that is some metallic thread you see there......I have been using that too.......and without complaining! I can't show you the piece that I'm working on as it's a surprise for someone and I don't want them to see it on here....yet!

So....what are the threads in the jar form....well, some are from Simple Treasures, which although is almost finished I had to put it aside to finish of some other projects that had to be finished for birthdays and the like.....again, some of them can't be shown just yet! Quite a few of the threads are from this design....

Some of you may remember this design as I have stitched it fact, this will be my fifth time of stitching this! Yes, fifth!!!  I had stitched the design for my daughter and some of her friends when they first went off to college. The thistle is the national flower of Scotland is a symbol of strength and protection which seemed very fitting for four young ladies heading off to college. You can see the finished projects here. Anyhoo, my son has just headed back to college and I though it would be only fair to stitch something for him too...but what to stitch for a guy? Guys are always hard to stitch for, don't you think? I thought that this design, and its message, was suitable for a male and I think it's quite nice that they both have the same design. I'm going to finish this off as a door hanger too. I hope he will like it! Oh, and I forgot to say, the design is one from the very talented Joan Elliott and you can find it in her book Cross Stitch Greeting Cards.

And lastly, here's a picture of my Spring gardening designs in this month's Cross Stitch Crazy magazine...

....I just wish Spring would make her appearance here!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Blu said...

Very cute finish!

Valma said...

fantastic thistle you're doing !
I love it
I'm on a Celtic design from Cosmic handmade and I've to think about thistle designs to suit it =)
I soooo love Scotland !
I'm really missing going there
Spring is arriving, slowly, but arriving anyway
A ray of sun is good for the mind =)
have a great weekend

Helen Philipps said...

Beautiful cross stitch, Rhona! I love the thistle designs, and the different coloured ones you created too. The new magazine work looks gorgeous!
Happy weekend!
Helen xx

stitchersanon said...

Stunning finish and love the jar. I think we are all hoping spring will get here soon, though luckily here in Ireland winter hasnt been too just seems so much longer this year than it usually is!

Marie Christine Frickert said...

Bonjour de France,
Un grand merci d'être passé sur mon blog grâce a Mii,a moi de venir admirer de bien fine broderies.
J'aime l'idée de ce pot pour les fils restant,trés astucieux,surtout agrémenté d'une broderie sur le couvercle.