Monday, March 13, 2017

It's been a busy week!

Phew....what a week it's been! But at least I have some things I can show you....and some things that I can only show bits of....such is life!

So it was my daughter's birthday and I realized that I hadn't stitched a card for her....what an unorganized Mum I am!!! Anyway, thankfully I had a free kit from The World Of Cross Stitching magazine so I hastily got out the needle and threads and started stitching....

I think this was supposed to be a Valentines Day card, but I thought it worked well for a birthday card too :)

Here it is in the printed card that was supplied...

Cute...don't you think? The colours were a bit tricky to work with as they were quite close to each other, but the end result looked great. 

So, number one son asked if I could crochet brain hats for him and his girlfriend as they are participating in the March for Science where they live in California. Luckily they gave enough notice and it shouldn't be one of these projects where it's a mad dash to get it finished in time! So I crocheted just a plain hat and then made two really long crocheted cord 'things' which will be attached to the hat so that it look like a brain.....or at least, that's the plan :)

Now I just have to pin each cord on to look like a brain and then stitch the cords in place......I have a feeling that I might not be so happy half way through that part of the process.

I have a couple of projects that are taking up a bit of time, one I can't show as there's no way to take a picture without revealing what it is.....once it's published I'll show the pics of the work in progress and the finished item. Here's another project that I'm still in the beginning stages of .....this one will be such fun to get on with....and it will involve a trip to the craft store where I'm sure I'll be very good and not buy anything that I don't need ;)

The dandelion stitching was put on the back burner this week, but I did manage to do a little bit of stitching on it last night.....

One thing that I am enjoying about this design is that there is absolutely NO back stitching involved! I don't think that I have ever stitched a piece that didn't have even a little bit of back stitching in it, which seems quite surprising.

I also managed to look out all the threads for the glorious Etudes aux Fraises design...

I just can't decide what fabric to use with this design. I have seen it stitched on crisp white linen and it looked wonderful. I've also seen it stitched on a very pale grey fabric too which also looked wonderful but gave a very different look to the piece. I have a large piece of fiddlers oatmeal which might look nice and give the design that old antique illustration many choices....think I might have to stitch a trial size on each fabric then make up my mind.

Hopefully this week will be as productive as last week!

Until next time....happy stitching!



Mii Stitch said...

There is a lot going on craftwise for you at the moment!
I like the birthday card you made for your daughter and am intrigued with the brain hats!!! I can't wait to see them done. They sure will be a great hit.
I have recently bought and started the geranium etude and the fabric provided had a very light cream colour, thought it could help you with your decision.

Katie said...

I love the cute bunny card. So adorable! Good luck finishing up the brain hats. I look forward to seeing how they turn out. Good luck with your new projects. Love your WIP. I think either choice of fabric for the last one will look fantastic.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The patchwork card is so cute, those apetures are a great idea, when they are cut right!
Love the brain hats, can't wait to see them completed!
Nice work on the dandelions too.

Justine said...

Your dandelions are looking lovely! A sweet card for your daughter too.
I'm intrigued by the brain hats- I'm sure they will look fantastic!
I think any of those fabrics would look gorgeous for the strawberries, the threads are so beautiful.

butterfly said...

You are busy, love the cute card you stitched your birthday girl.
Brain hats ! what fun.
Lots of new starts to work on this year.

Preeti said...

Your card is very cute !! The brain crochet hat looks interesting. Good progress on your WIP.

Catherine said...

You have been busy! I love your idea for the brain hats - so clever!

Helen said...

Your Bebunni makes a perfect birthday card, I bet your daughter loves him! Am looking forward to seeing the brain hats finished, they look great :-) It's soooo hard to just go into a craft store and come out with only what you went in for - the true mission impossible??!! Really love the Dandelion stitch, it's kind of freeing having no backstitch in a design isn't it? Happy stitching on all your projects, Helen

Cathy said...

Love how you turned the stitched bunny into an adorable card! Nice blog! I'm now following.

Brigitte said...

Oh wonderful, that birthday card for your daughter that you whipped up from a little kit.
Those brain hats will be a great success - a very creative idea.
Great progress on the Dandelion piece. And now I'm very curious to see what fabric you decided on for your Etudes aux Fraises. The choice of the perfect fabric is always difficult for me as well and I usually spend a lot of time pondering on this problem.

Carol said...

Such a sweet little bunny--he really is adorable :)

Have to say that is the first I've seen (or heard of!) brain hats. How cute--I'm sure your son and his girlfriend loved them!!

Your dandelion piece is so beautiful, Rhona. A friend of mine stitched it a few years back and I've always admired it :)

Happy Spring to you!

Weronika said...

You've done so much wonderful work Rhona. Your birthday card is so adorable.
Happy Spring!

♥ Nia said...

oh my! the cutest bunny!! he looks so adorable =) lovely card!!