Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crazy cuties!

Just a quick post to show you the cuties from this month's Cross Stitch Crazy.......

....and matching tags....


Aren't they so cute? I can't decide if the owl or the mice is my favourite...I love them both!

Until next time...happy stitching!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time for a new look!

I decided to be brave and fiddle around with my blog for a new look. I'm not sure if it's what I want so I may change it again! (Now that I know what to do! lol)

Anyway, I know you're here for some stitchy news so I'll get straight on with it! 

I have managed to squeeze some stitching in this week along with trying to catch up with my course work (nearly there!) Here's my progress on Simple Treasures so far...

I'm still really enjoying this design and can't wait to get a bit more done. I feel like I'm almost at the half way point now, which of course means......time to start thinking of what the next project will be! Hee hee! I've got my eye on a couple of things already....so please, no reminders that I have a Geisha sitting as a UFO.

This month's issue of Card Shop (or maybe it's last months as it takes so long to get here) arrived - but who can complain about a Cross Stitch mag arriving, certainly not me! This was another great read and some more stitching to add to my to-do list. The Polka Dot cards that I was asked to design were in this issue and looked great (even though I say it myself!) stitched on a variety of lovely pastel coloured fabrics.

Cross Stitch Card Shop Issue 90
Immediate media Co.

My wonderful postie also delivered an envelope filled with the samples that I had made for Craftseller magazine. The samples are returned to me after publication and these are the goodies the envelope contained...

A couple of Mother's Day cards...

...with lots of paper layering....

Some cross stitch coasters...

(don't you love it when the sun comes out when your taking pictures!!!)

And finally some key rings that you have seen before, (sun still shining!) 

Phew...after all that, maybe it's time for a cuppa, or maybe it should be iced tea since the sun is still shining!

Until next time...happy stitching!


Sunday, May 12, 2013


From this angle my ort jar looks as if there are quite a bit of threads in it, but......

....sadly it's quite empty! I even cheated and added some yarn from my crocheting project, but even that didn't add enough to make the contents look as if I had been busy! ;(

The crochet project is one that has been sitting in my work basket almost completed, but I had lost the enthusiasm to finish it, which was crazy really as it only needed a border round the edging to finish it off - one nights work for heaven's sake...how could I not get on and finish it? So after getting fed up of forever chasing the cat away form the basket I decided enough was enough I'd get it done...and I did! Yayyy for me!!!
Here's the finished blanket...

And with my usual impeccable timing of course it's now too warm to use it!  Not so yayyy me!

Here's a close up of the pattern....

I'm not sure how people normally photograph their finished blankets, it's kind of hard to get a good pic of one! You can see a better view of the blanket and also get the free chart  here.

Until next time...happy stitching!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Oooh, I managed some stitching!

Ahhh, bliss.....to sit down with needle in hand and get some stitching done! 

As you may remember I enrolled in an on-line class and I'm a bit behind on my course work and have lots of reading to catch up with, but having been able to relax with my stitching means that I can face The Iliad and (hopefully) answer the test questions correctly this week. Although I'm enjoying this course, it does seriously eat into my stitching time :)

Here's the progress I made on Simple Treasures this weekend...

When I first started stitching the starfish I thought the colours were a bit garish and I was in two minds about substituting them with what I thought would be more appropriate, but now I think it looks great. The blue part underneath the starfish stitched up really quickly as it's half cross stitch so it was wonderful to see it grow so quickly. I'm hoping to be able to get a few stitches completed tonight too.

Today was a good postie day! I can't decide if the best part was the fact that there were no bills or if it was that The World of Cross Stitching was delivered! For this issue, Ruth had asked me to design a set of Russian Doll cards....

 World of Cross Stitching Issue 203
Immediate Media Co.

 World of Cross Stitching Issue 203
Immediate Media Co.

I've no idea who the model stitcher was as The World Of Cross Stitching doesn't credit the stitcher, but whoever she was she did a fab job!

Thank you to everyone who very kindly visited my daughters blog and left comments for her....much appreciated. She was really excited to have received comments form so many different countries. Here's the link one more time if anyone can think of any more superstitions     http://worldobjectsuperstitions.blogspot.com/   thank you!

Until next time...happy stitching!