Friday, April 18, 2014

Snowy stitching

This has been quite a productive week for me...well for stitching anyway! I didn't fancy starting another big project so decide to look for something small and quick to stitch. The last Margaret Sherry mouse was a joy to stitch (well apart from the back stitch!) so I decided to make good use of the bookazine and stitch something else from it. Here are the little cuties that I stitched this week -  mouse number 1.....

...and mouse number 2.....

...and since we got two inches of snow, (yup, It's April and still snowing!) it didn't feel too weird to be stitching Christmas designs! There is a third mouse in the set, so I might start that at the weekend.

I'm still waiting on the finishing fairy to come and sprinkle some finishing dust on the pile of projects that are waiting to be finished....there only seems to be regular dust accumulating on them! These two little mice have been abandoned to the pile too.

Here's something rather amusing that I found on-line that made me giggle. I think it's something we probably all do....

Hands up all those guilty of pro-cross-tin-ating. (I should probably have both hands up!) It's from a company called Heartfelt Stitches in Texas...road trip anyone?!!!

Until next time...happy stitching!


Friday, April 11, 2014's finished!

Oh my goodness....I'm so glad this is finished....loved stitching it, but I'm pleased to take it off the scroll frame and start something else!

Here it is in all it's glory....Simple Treasures...., what to stitch now....should I be good and stitch something from my stash or should I splurge on something new? :)  Any advice?!!! 

I had a few requests about the DMC colours that I had used for this Margaret Sherry mouse that I showed in my last post...

...such a cute design!

The colours I used were...

Mouse - 436, 437,738, 5200
Paws and tail - 352, 353
Holly - 987, 986, 164
Berries - 666
Stocking - 156, 341, 3747, 912, 954, 955
Fur trim - 5200, 762, 415
Back Stitch - 3799

....hope that helps anyone wanting to stitch him using dmc threads.

Until next time...happy stitching!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Winter stitching

Since it's April, this weeks stitching would seem to be a bit out of season, but because this feels like the Winter that will never end, it doesn't seem too out of place....

This little cutie is by Margaret Sherry and is from the bookazine 'The Best of Margaret Sherry' by Future publishing.  The little mouse is only one part of a design for a Christmas tree skirt .....

The chart calls for Anchor threads and although I do have quite a few anchor threads, I'm more of a DMC kinda gal! :) So after converting the thread colours and wincing at the colour combinations (I guess the conversion chart I used wasn't that great!) I ended up just choosing the colours that I thought would work best. Sadly the stitching from the magazine didn't offer much help for colour selection as the poor wee mouse is almost chopped out of the picture!

Anyhoo, I'm really pleased with this little guy...he's sooo cute!

So...what to do with this sleepy mouse? At the moment he's being added to the pile of finished stitching that's waiting for the finishing fairy to come  and sprinkle some finishing fairy dust on me! ;)  (aka....I'll worry about that later!)

 And if the weather doesn't warm up soon, I might just snuggle up with this little fella until Spring does finally arrive.

Until next time...happy stitching!