Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Too hot to do anything......so let's have a giveaway!

It's been one of those weeks where it's been just too hot and humid to do anything! I also booked a last minute flight back home to see my Dad who has had surgery again,  and I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get organized for my trip tomorrow. Consequently I have nothing to show this week. Soooo,  I have decided to do a little giveaway instead.......sounds good uh?

So the giveaway is this CherryWood design studio 'Eat, sleep, stitch' chart.  Isn't it cute?

So, if you'd like to win this chart please be, or become, a follower and leave a comment under this post. That's it ....nothing else....no hoops to jump through! If you want to mention this giveaway on your own blog, please do so, but if you don't...that's cool too.

Since I'm away for three weeks (yayyy!) I'll pick a name out of the proverbial hat on Friday August 15th 2014. 

Until next time...happy stitching!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Late again!

Just a quick update... I don't know where the time is going to....I can't seem to catch up on everything that needs to be done!

Not much stitching done this week....it's really too hot to do anything! But I did manage to get a few stitches added to Twilight Fairy....

This is one of those designs that you really have to concentrate on while stitching....which means no TV. Unfortunately for Twilight Fairy, I have been watching the DVDs of The Borgia's . Not sure when it was on the telly, but I have been getting the DVDs from my local library and I can't watch TV without doing something, so fortunately for me, the crochet pattern for the blanket I'm working on is really easy and I can crochet whilst watching the TV....win! Anyone else have to be be doing something while watching the TV?

Here's how much I've managed to get done since my last post....

Yeah, I've watched a lot of episodes! :) Finishing the little taily bits is not my idea of fun, but I'm trying to get them done in chunks rather than leaving them all to the end, which is why there are none at the bottom and loads at the top!

My hubby thinks it will take me about a year to complete it...which, of course, makes me all the more determined to get it finished in less than a year! Competitive or what?!!  :)

The pattern for the blanket can be found here, just in case anyone would like to try it.

I'm hoping to get caught up with my blog reading and replying to all the comments left here. Thank you so much for taking the time to say something...it's much appreciated.

Until next time...happy stitching!