Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I think I've angered the thread fairies!

Hello dear stitching friends, I hope you are all safe and well at home and are able to keep stitching. 

As you know from previous posts, I have been joining in with the Peppermint Purple blackwork SAL. I chose a variegated thread that I had in my stash and I guess the thread fairies weren't too happy with me as I have run out of thread.....again! This is the second project that I have been unable to finish during this pandemic because of the lack of threads. This was last week's block....

....and the thread that is in the needle is all that I have left! There is no way that that little bit will be enough to finish off tomorrow's block. Here's the whole thing so far (looking as if it's stitched on cream aida rather than the lovely pale blue aida that I chose!)

Arghhhh! This is so frustrating.  So, I'm trying to be an optimist since, in the grand scheme of things, this is really nothing at all, so I'm looking at it as an opportunity to have a new start guilt free. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that 😂😂😂

The Winter's Lace deign was taken out of the sewing basket again and some more stitches were added. Slowly (and I do mean slowly!) this piece is coming to life....

I'm always amazed at how quickly some stitchers can complete a project as I seem to take ages, but I keep telling myself that it's not a race and it's all about enjoyment....and I'm enjoying seeing these wolves slowly emerge on the fabric....

So now I have the fun task of deciding what will be the next project in the qsnaps.......ahhh, the joy of a new start!

Until next time, stay safe, stay well, and happy stitching!


Monday, May 4, 2020

Not a finish in sight!

What a strange week it's been! I think this quarantine/isolation thing is beginning to get to me.....I had plenty of crafty things (and deadlines!) to keep me occupied and busy, but for this first time since this virus hit, I couldn't concentrate on anything. So many things I wanted to do but just could not find the motivation to do anything. So instead of stressing about it, I just accepted that my week wasn't going to have much to show at the end of it....and in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter.

My needle did see some action and I managed to do a bit more of the peppermint Purple SAL....

....I'm so mixed up with the days, that I always think that I'm caught up with this only to realize that a new block has been released :)  Hopefully I'll do this last block before Wednesday's new release! Here's what it all looks like so far....

My copy of World of Cross Stitching magazine arrived and I thought the little free kit would be a good quick stitch to get done as it was my son-in-law's birthday and we all know how hard it is to find a design to stitch for a male. Even changing the banner stitches from full cross stitch to half cross stitch, I still didn't get it done in time......I really was having a bad week! Luckily I keep a stash of cards for emergencies such as this and Joe didn't go without a birthday card......he did have to go without a birthday hug, but we do have to all keep safe.

When I do finish this design, it will go into my stash of cards. Anyone else keep a stash of cards on hand for emergencies?

If you're needing a free chart so you can add to your card stash, click here and here for my cute little mouse freebies. I'm aiming to have another one stitched up for next week....so do come back to see the next little mouse in this series.

Hope you are all managing to stay safe and well, and thanks for popping in to my little corner of blog land.

Until next time.....happy stitching.