Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Metallic Threads

Ahh, metallic threads....kinda like Marmite, you either love it or hate it! I fall into the 'hate it' category (especially for the Marmite!! lol). Don't get me wrong, I think metallic look awesome when stitched, it's just the actual stitching with them that I hate. And for now, there's no way to avoid stitching with them on The Mighty Samurai.

One of my goals for June was to have the ground stitched around the Samurai's feet. Mission accomplished! (Other than the parts that I am waiting for thread from Dimensions). This is how it looks.

 So, the goal for July is to move back to the top of the design and have the trees backstitched and also the Samurai's face backstitched. Of course, not being one to follow the rules (even though they are my own!) I decided to start stitching the metallics. As I have mentioned before, probably several times, I hate stitching with metallics. It never seems to end up very neat when I do it....other people's stitching still looks good, but mine, not so good. What makes it even harder is that it is so hot and humid here just now, and the metallics seem to just drag through the material. The chart calls for two strands of metallics and one strand of regular thread, and I always seem to have a bump of metallic thread in each stitch. I think for the sake of my sanity I will have to do very small sections of the metallic stitching! Someone suggested putting the metallic threads in the fridge as that helped.......sounds a bit weird, but I'm willing to try anything! I will let you know if it helps.

This is the small section that I managed to stitch.

The metallic part didn't show up terribly well on the photo, but it's around the collar and part of the motif on his chest. Also a few stitches on his head....

I promise to try not to grumble too much about the metallics!

Anyway, I'm off to finish off a commission I have for the magazine Cross Stitch Crazy for some Christmas designs....quite literally Christmas in July!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time....happy stitching!



Nicola said...

I am a big grumbler about metallics! I hate them LOL x

Mouse said...

mmmm thread heaven is called for here .. short lengths of metallic and petite treasure braid is fab to work with instead ..lol ... I have a lot of metallic in CA and using Madeira with out thread heaven actually and finding it ok :) hope that helps ???? love mouse xxx

Jen said...

As far as metallics go those by The Rainbow Gallery (PBs) are much better qualtilty than DMC or Krienik. That's my opinion

Rowyn said...

Metallics are not my favourite thread to work with either. They fray, they bend and generally just make a nuisance of themselves. lol

Your Mighty Samurai is looking awesome. Such beautiful colours in his outfit and the peacock.

Marlene said...

I'm with you, hate to stitch love the look, but I am mad, I am adding metalic threads more and more, good luck, he is looking so very good!

Lynn said...

Metallics are definitely not my favourites! I also prefer to stitch with Rainbow Gallery metallics rather than Kreinik. I too use Thread Heaven which really seems to help. I don't waste nearly as much floss now.
That flash of metallic in his gown will really make the Samurai shine though!

Suzanne said...

Thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog after the birth of Felix.

Your samurai looks fantastic. I can't say that I enjoy using metallic threads either, but using short lengths and running them through the Thread Heaven helps a lot.