Monday, August 14, 2017

Butterflies and blankets!

I have a little finish to show you today and a blast form the past that has been languishing in my crochet basket for, well....I don't even want to think about how long!

Here's what I was stitching throughout the week...

What should have been a relatively quick to stitch design took far longer than it should have! First of all, I managed to mix up the thread colours and sorted what should have been a blue and labeled it as a purple....and if that wasn't bad enough, I picked up the wrong pink and started stitching with it (that's what happens when you're trying to watch Game of Thrones while stitching!) Needless to say the frog was firmly ensconced with me this week.

The end result was worth all the hassle and the muttering under my breath that I did...

Hopefully the frog will move on now and not hang around! If anyone would like him, just let me know....I can post worldwide! :)

I also decided that it was time to finally finish a crochet project that has been in my work basket for way too long. I can't even remember when I started this blanket or the last time I even worked on it! I could look back at this blog and find out, but I think it would be too embarrassing to say.

Anyhoo, when I took it out of the basket I was surprised that it as almost finished....why oh why did I ever abandon it?  Of course, I couldn't remember where I had found the pattern or what size of crochet hook I had used.....yet another reason to never abandon a project half way through. 

Luckily for me, in a rare moment of sensibility, I had purchased enough yarn (Caron Simply Soft) to complete the project so I don't have to worry about finding the right shade of yarn. I think that I have only about three repeats of the wave pattern to get to the length that I want and then find a suitable pattern for the edging. I might even just do a few rows of  just double crochet for the edging so that it doesn't take away from the wave this space!!! 

Until next time....happy stitching!


Monday, August 7, 2017

Strawberries and shy garden visitors.

Summer seems to be flying by and I'm trying to make the most of the gorgeous weather and the time we have with our son before he moves away. Stitching has taken a back seat to sharing time and making memories!

Even on the few evenings that I have picked up my stitching, not much has been accomplished....but, it's not a race or a competition, so I'm not bothered about the lack of progress. 

Working on the strawberries design, I changed the q-snaps configuration as I was using a very large square shaped frame, and now that I'm working on the top right hand part of the design, it became rather cumbersome to work with. Oh, my....those cheaper imitation q-snaps from the craft store were a real pain to change! I was terrified that the fabric was going to rip just trying to get the clamp part off. It was so stiff that I had to ask my husband to help.....even he struggled to do it! Anyway, it's now on a smaller rectangular shaped frame which is much easier to work with....

Here's a closer look at the area I have been working on...

We are forecast rain for the next few evenings (I think) so maybe I'll be able to get some more stitches  done this week!

While we have been sitting in the garden, we have had some lovely visitors of the feathered variety...

 ...a rather shy hummingbird.......

...and an even more shy cardinal..... 

The sparrows, on the other hand, are not in the least bit shy!

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Until next time....happy stitching!


P.S. August's stitching log can be found on the previous post :)

Friday, August 4, 2017

August stitching log

A few days late, I know (sorry!)......but here it is....August's stitching log...

Keep a record of all the stitching you have done this month! 

The block for each day has room for noting the project you have worked on (great for all of those who work on multiple projects!) and the number of stitches you accomplished each day. There's room for your stitching goals....they say that if you write them down you're more likely to achieve them! And also  room for any notes that you wish to record. 

It's really great at the end of the month to look back and see how much time etc you have spent on each project.

The log is actually in pale lilac, not grey as in the photograph, but you can print in either grey or colour depending on the settings on your printer

You can get your copy of the August stitching log by clicking here. Please feel free to share on your blog etc, but please link back to this page....thank you.

Some stitchers messaged me and helped me decide what to include in the log, so hopefully I have managed to make something that is useful/helpful...and when I say 'I have', I really mean my daughter as she's the wizard on illustrator, not me! If you want to see more of her work, check out her Instagram account  here. (I'm sure she'd appreciate some more followers ;)  ) If there's anything else that you think would be helpful to add, please let me know in the comments....I'd love to hear from you.

So now it's time for me to pick up my needle and get on with some stitching so that I can fill in this month's log :)

Until next time....happy stitching!


Monday, July 31, 2017

Lots of strawberries!

It's definitely been a strawberry week! 

First of all, I finished all the back stitching on the adorable Margaret Sherry hedgehog, found the double sided tape (which was no mean feat - you haven't seen the chaos in my crafting space!) and made him into a cute card....

Then it was time to go back to stitching.......yes, you've guessed it.... strawberries! Etudes aux Fraises, by Veronique Enginger. Here's  close up view of the area I was working on...

This was how it looked last time..

...and with this weeks progress, it now it looks like this...

Slowly but surely I'm getting there!

Thank you for dropping by and leaving me your comments....they are always very much appreciated!

Until next time....happy stitching!


Monday, July 24, 2017

Another busy week!

It's been another one of those weeks where stitching has had to take a back seat! I did manage to grab one of those freebie magazine kits and stitch on the odd free moment so, luckily for me, I do have something to show this week...

This was a free kit from the magazine Cross Stitch Crazy....two Margaret Sherry designs with matching cards....cute!

The back stitching shouldn't take too long and I'll have another card finish to add to my stash.

Here are my card designs that were in the magazine . For some reason I didn't share the pic when they were published....which was probably a good thing as I have something to show today when there's very little stitching to share :)

Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 230
Immediate Media Co.

Too bad I don't have any graduates to stitch for this year....but there's always next year!

Until next time...happy stitching!


Monday, July 17, 2017' finished!

I have unpicked the Tea and cakes SAL so many times that even when I started to stitch with the wrong colour, I decided just to live with the mistake!

Last time, you may remember that block three looked like this...

.... I was unhappy with the lettering, so frogged it, re-stitched it and then it looked like this...

....I then decided that the rose was too big, so frogged it and decided to do a different rose and stitch it in tired brain didn't so-operate and I picked up some pink thread and stitched.....

....the size of the rose is fine, but I think it might have been better if it had been stitched in yellow! I'm not sure if the fabric would have survived yet another round of I'm sticking with the pink rose.

Block four was also altered form Durene's original design and this time I picked the correct size of rose and only had to stitch it the once....yayyy!

So a little happy dance was performed at the completion of this  SAL. Details of the free charts can be found here.

Only a few stitches were added to Etudes aux Fraises this week.....but every stitch done means it's nearer to being completed.....

And summer sundae designs in this months World of Cross Stitching magazine...

....if only I had a real sundae in front of me now!!!!

Until next time....happy stitching!


Monday, July 10, 2017

Bits 'n' pieces!

It's been a bits and pieces kind of week......I've been working on a few different things...some have gone well....others, not so well!

First of all I decided to pull out Etudes aux Fraises before it had too much dust on it! 

Now that I'm back working on this I'm glad it didn't become a UFO....

...sometimes smaller projects have a habit of creeping in and then taking over!

And speaking of smaller projects...

...another free kit that I decided to stitch as I have a few birthdays coming up in the next few months and have used all my stash of stitched cards....

I just need to get out the double sided tape and this was can be called finished! Yayyy.

The Tea and Cakes free SAL has been driving me crazy.....and it has nothing to do with Durene Jones, the designer, or  Lakeside Needlecrafts who are very kindly providing the's me! I wasn't too keen on the 3rd and 4th block because of the lettering so I decided to go through some old cross stitch magazines to find some other Durene Jones designs that would fit into the hard would it be to find something? Ha....let me tell you....nearly impossible! I did find one design by Durene that with a little bit of manipulation would have fitted, but once I had started stitching it, I decided that I didn't really like it with the rest of the I had to frog ...grrr.

So after more unsuccessful searching I decided to just stitch the design as Durene had intended.....

....I'm still not too happy with the lettering....

....I think I can hear the frog croaking somewhere....think he might be visiting me again tonight! Sigh.

And finally another little finish....but not cross stitch...

My daughter's friend is expecting a baby girl next month, so this cute little sea critter was just begging to be crocheted! There are some other little sea creature friends to make a little set so I have the feeling the crochet hook will be quite busy over the next few weeks.

Since the frog seems to be having an extended stay at my house, I hope that your stitching is going well!

Until next time...happy stitching!


Saturday, July 1, 2017

July stitching log

As promised, I have the monthly stitching log completed and ready for you to print off to log all your stitching for this month!

I have made two logs, one in colour and the other in black and white....I'm one of these people who never has colour ink in their printer, and I'm guessing that I'm not the only one like this! So choose whatever one works for you, print it off and start logging the hours or number of stitches done for each day....or however else you want to use it!

No pictures of it at the moment, but I'll have them for my normal Monday post.

Here are the links for the July log...

Please note that these are for personal use only and are not to be sold, shared or reproduced. By all means share the info about the log on your blog or social media, but please link back to this post....thank you!

And since it's July, I'm starting to work on a way to record my Christmas stitching so that I always know what design I've stitched for family and friends so they don't get the same one twice...or even three times!!!  I'll share the Christmas one as soon as it's completed.

Happy stitching!


Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunshine and stitching.

With the glorious summer sunshine and long evenings, I haven't been stitching as much as I usually would do. I have been enjoying the company of number one son who is home for a while, so we have been enjoying the time together sitting outside on the patio and just talking.... it's wonderful. Once the mosquitoes begin to descend then we head indoors and I pick up my needle! Here's what I have been working on this past week...

....a free card kit form the world of Cross Stitching magazine...

.....which came with a printed card, and looks really pretty....

....a perfect card for so many different occasions. 

This was another design that I used my Stitching Log to record the thread colours that were in the kit....of course, I forgot to pick it up and put it in the picture! For anyone that would like a free copy of the Stitching Log, click here to read about it and download your very own copy.

The Lakeside Needlecrafts free SAL....

....I still haven't decided what to do with blocks three and four....block six is a stack of teacups.....

I'm planning to get out some old cross stitch magazines to find some Durene Jones designs that would fit into the blocks instead of the lettering designs that are on the chart, but I may end up  doing the design as Durene has intended :) This was a fun SAL, and the details can be found here

I seem to be having some trouble with the emails from my blog. I try to respond to everyone who leaves a comment unless you are a 'no reply' blogger, but many of the emails seem to come back as un-deliverable. So if you haven't had a reply from me, I do apologize and just want everyone to know that I do appreciate that you spend a few minutes to leave me a comment. Hopefully I can get this sorted out.

Until next time....happy stitching!


Monday, June 19, 2017


It's amazing what you can do when you have a deadline to work to! I finished and framed the MS kitties in time for my friends leaving party.....

......a simple black frame and a double mat in black and white made the colours of the design really pop.....

....and best of all, my friend loved it!

So once the kitties were completed, I went back to the Lakeside Needlecraft's Tea and Cakes SAL...

Blocks 3 and 4 are lettering designs and I wasn't sure how I felt about them so I might see if I can find some other Durene Jones designs that are suitable to stitch in the empty blocks.

If you'd like to join in with this adorable SAL, you can find the free charts by clicking here. (go know you want to!)

Hee hee, it's lovely to be an enabler!!! :)

Until next time...happy stitching!


Monday, June 12, 2017

Sooooo close to having a finish!

I would have had a finish to show you today, but I was bit distracted by the ice-hockey final last night and didn't get an awful lot of stitching done, but you can see just how close I am to doing a little happy dance......

 ....just a bit more of the mug outline to stitch....

...and some back stitching on the stripes and dots on the mug...

...and the outlining of the hearts!

It really shouldn't take too long to do, so I have my dancing shoes on, all ready for the happy dance to take place later today :)

Until next time...happy stitching! (and dancing, if you're at that point with your stitching!)


Monday, June 5, 2017

Cats and cake!

Cats and cake ....what a wonderful combination! The cats I'm talking about are the cute Margaret Sherry kitties...

I've managed to get a bit more of them done, although not as much as I would have liked but it's all my fault! I normally watch tv while I stitch and tend to 'listen' to a film or show.....I'm sure many of you do the same thing.  But at the moment I have been watching the ice hockey and you really can't just listen to that on the's something you have to watch....especially when your team is in the finals :) So my stitching has been confined to the short breaks between periods.

The back stitching is bringing these delightful kitties to life.....

And since the kitties have to be completed before the end of this month, the Tea and cakes SAL has been put to the side, but I did manage to add part of the next cake as I just couldn't know how it is!  :)

This stitch along is such fun and you can find the free SAL design here, the designer is Durene Jones who has an etsy store where you can find lots of her wonderful designs and Lakeside Needlecraft's web page can be found here.  My apologies if your credit card gets used after looking at these links :)

So here's to more cats and cake....and ice hockey!

Until next time .....happy stitching!


Monday, May 29, 2017

A naughty new start!

As you can tell by the title of this post, I have been a bit naughty and started stitching on a new design. The saving grace is that I didn't have to buy the design....Tea and Cakes is a free stitch along designed by the wonderful Durene Jones and provided by Lakeside Needlecraft......

...the only thing I had to buy for the this SAL was some fabric, because although I have, cough, or two (ha ha) pieces of fabric in my stash, I didn't have any 14 count white aida...go figure! 

The border was released first and then the cake motif the following week. Since I was already a week behind, I decided to stitch the border and cake together. I'll just continue each border part as and when the cake motifs are released.

Some back stitching to do and then the first motif will be completed. For any of you that would like to join in with this free stitch along, just check out Lakeside Needlework's Facebook page. They also have several other SAL's which are very tempting! Don't say I didn't warn you.....I don't want to be classed as an enabler :)

I also managed to finish the adorable Fizzy Moon card design from the World of Cross Stitching magazine....

Since all my stock of stitched cards was used, it's great to have a card already finished for when I need one. Hopefully I can start building up my stock of cards again. The first part of the Tea and Cakes SAL would also make a nice little motif to stitch for a card....guess I might be stitching this design again!

Until next time....happy stitching!