Monday, February 20, 2012

Frustration and chocolate!

What a frustrating weekend! You know the kind when nothing goes right? Well, that was my weekend.

I had lots of designs that I needed to do, and when I say needed, I really mean needed!  As a designer, for some things there really is just a small window of opportunity that you daren't miss it! So I had several ideas floating around in my head (always a good thing!) and I was able to sketch them out onto paper and fiddle about with them, tweak them  (make sure they work!) etc and then I decided to get them onto the computer....and that's when the muse left me! I think she must have gone on vacation with my stitchy bug! I just couldn't get anything to look the way I wanted it to. I got so frustrated that I even wanted to stitch my geisha! Yes, you heard correctly, I wanted to stitch her! So, finally, I gave in and stitched for a bit on the geisha. This is how she's looking now.....

Thank you for all the wonderful words of encouragement, and for the suggestion of using thread heaven etc. I did manage to find some beeswax so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that will solve the thread problems. The big chunk of blue (which was very boring to stitch) is her belt and there will be some cording details put on top of the stitching, so it will be more interesting to look at once that is all done. I can now admit that she's kind of growing on me! I don't love her (yet), but I don't want to throw her in the bin that's good!

So, anyhoo, you may be wondering what the chocolate reference was in the title of my post.  Well I'm pleased to show you this..... (can you hear the trumpet fanfare?!!!)

....and it was much easier to make than I had imagined!

I think I may have shown you the Chocolate stitching a while back, but I finally plucked up the courage to make it into a cushion. I'm so pleased with the result. I even managed to figure out how to change the tension on my sewing machine! lol
Here's a close up...

I thought the colour was great match, and the hearts went perfectly with the saying. The blue colour  in the hearts was just enough to stop the whole thing from being too brown.

I have to confess to having some wonderful Lindt white chocolate and coconut while stitching the yes, chocolate is always the answer!

'Chocolate' is one of my own designs and the chart can be found on my website, and at a price of only $2.50 it's even cheaper then a bar of chocolate! Less calories too!

So here's to an industrious week with the rest of the chocolate to keep me going!

Until next time...happy stitching!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how magnificent, the flower added in the geisha cross stitch! You are doing so great in your progress. Congratulations ! And what a beautiful finish of your cushion! you can hardly see the machine stitching. care to make a tutorial on how you do such a perfect finish! Keep up the good work, I'll be cheering along :-D Ann.

Anonymous said...

care to make a tutorial on how you do such a perfect finish? (it was supposed to be a question in the above comment) ;-) Happy stitching, Ann

cucki said...

aww it is looking so lovely..great progress..
great lovely finish too,,i love it so much..
hugs xx

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful stitching and I love your chocolate pillow. I need to make one to go in my craft room, I think!!

Mouse said...

wooo hoooo doing a wee dance for both things the stitching ;) and the cushion is just gorgeous .... sorry the muse left you, hope it has come back now :)
love mouse xxxxx

demeter83 said...

Chocolate is always the answer, and I don't even care what the question is!
Geisha looks beautiful!

Anne said...

Rhona!! Your pillow is amazing! Your sewing is spot on!! Love the fabric you chose and I agree, those hearts add a great extra punch of colour!! Sorry to hear your muse left the building...she will be back I think :D Geisha girl is looking good!

Helen said...

Sorry your weekend was frustrating but glad the geisha is starting to grow on you! The cushion is just perfect - spot on design, great fabric choice & a brilliant finish :-) Hope your stitchy bug & muse come back home soon!

Hippywitch said...

Love the cushion!! Wow great job on the sewing machine, I love to make stuff with mine and use the 'fumble around in the dark method' of working stuff out, always have and I get it how I want it in the end :-)

Hope the muse returns quickly!

Lori xx

Blu said...

Love the cushion. The fabric is just perfect.

Mangogirl said...

lovely cushion :D it looks awesome :D and the saying is perfect! and great progress on geisha. Hopefully the designing bug comes back :D