Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sprogs and frogs!

Last week I missed posting as it was the end of the college year and both sprogs were returning home.This meant Mum's taxi service (me!) was back into operation. Of course life is never easy and uncomplicated....both sprogs finished on the same day, but one is a few hundred miles up North and the other is in the opposite direction, which therefore meant two days of driving and packing up apartments and dorm rooms....ahh, the joys of being a Mum! Anyhoo, I had meant to post last weekend, but was exhausted and kind of cranky that the contents of said apartment and dorm room were abandoned in my living room and kitchen....grrr. My 'I'll do it tomorrow' thought never actually materialized into action....sorry!

So with good intentions this weekend, I go to photograph the stitching that I had managed to get done, which was quite a bit actually, but the frogs were visiting (in fact I think they set up camp in my stitching basket) so the end result doesn't show just how much stitching was accomplished....only to find that number one son has taken my camera with him while he's away this weekend at a TaeKwon Do tournament! More grrrs! lol.

So, between sprogs ( I love them, really!) and frogs (I definitely don't love them!), this has been quite the week! Pictures WILL follow, I promise!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Pull the other thread said...

Hehe sounds like things have been a bit hectic in your household. Hopefully the frogs will stay away, looking forward to seeing what you managed.

butterfly said...

Never mind there is always another day hugs.

Mouse said...

hmmm think its the frog season and as for sprogs ... I know where you are coming from and mine live at home !!!! lol love mouse xxxxx

Shebafudge said...

Gosh! Sounds like you have had a busy time of it. Looking forward to seeing your progress photos. xx

stitchersanon said...

I often think kids are much harder work when they are grown up then they are little!

cucki said...

Oh dear..
Hugs and kisses x