Monday, March 19, 2018

Almost done!

Oooh, the excitement! I'm almost done with the blue birds!

Can you feel my relief that there won't be too much more blue threads in my life? (Watch me pick a new project that has loads of blues in it!!!!)
Anyhoo, the main part of the stitching is completed...yayyy! I just have to decide if I want to stitch the border all around the design.....not sure If I'm up to any more blue threads.  So with just the back stitching to do, this design is almost....dare I say it.....finished!!!

Soooo....what's your honest opinion....border or no border? Part of me thinks 'Just suck it up and do the border' and the other part says 'Why bother? It looks fine like that'....which part of me do I listen to? 😃

And you can tell that it was a real dilemma  as I voluntarily went to the pile of shame and did some finishing....yeah, that's how much of a quandary I'm in about these damn birds!

So here's the finishing that I did....(it's not much so don't get too excited!)

The embroidered cushion for my daughter and her 'pre-husband', as she calls him!

.....and the scroll for my daughter's professor....

So that's two down several hundred ahem, one or two more to go!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Katie said...

I don't remember what the border looks like to judge. Good luck deciding. Congrats on the finished finishes. They both look great!

RJ said...

Love your finished pillow for your daughter and her pre husband. I will have to remember that title. I think the scroll came out really lovely and her professor should love it.

Now about a border around the blue birds. What does the border look like? How hard is it? How long will it take to do? Will it make you hate the beautiful color of blue forever? How will you finish it? Is it going to be a pillow or framed. I think if framed the border is really not necessary but if it is a pillow it might look really, really good. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

If it was mine I would do a border, it looks to me that something is needed. But you do whatever you think. It's pretty and I know it was allot of work for you. big hugs

Mini said...

Yay you are so close to a finish. I think go for the border.
The finishes are so neat, well done

Carol said...

I scrolled back to your December post to see what the border looks like, Rhona... I actually like it without the border. I'm not sure the squared off border fits the fluid shape of the part you've already stitched. Anyway, whatever you decide--those blue birds are simply darling :)

Preeti said...

Love your finishes, especially, the cushion is very sweet:)
Bluebirds are looking great! I haven't seen the border in the original design and therefore can't say whether that enhances the overall picture. I frame my own pieces so I usually leave borders as I find them difficult to align with frame. The frame itself makes up for the missing border then. I guess once you complete backstitching, take an image and see it in a digital frame, that may help you decide whether the border is needed or not.

Justine said...

Congrats on your two finishes and one nearly-finish! I went back and looked at the border on your first post, and I agree with Carol, I think I prefer it without.

Mary said...

Rhona, I agree with Carol, I scrolled back to your Dec post to see what the border looked like and IMHO I prefer it without the border.

What a generous gift to your daughters professor, he will be thrilled with such a generous gift of your time and talent. The pillow is lovely too, you have been accomplishing so much!