Monday, May 21, 2018

It's been one of those weeks!

I've been good this week...well kind of!

I was determined to work on the cardinal stitching, and so that I wasn't tempted to pick up the seashell design, I took it off the q-snaps and put it at the bottom of my sewing basket. The cardinal was put on the q-snaps but despite my good intentions, there wasn't an awful lot of time to stitch through the week.....sometimes life gets in the way. But to preserve my sanity I decided that I would stitch at least one threads length every night.

 Image taken from Pinterest

Stitching is addictive and this sums it up nicely...

  Image taken from Pinterest

I was hoping to spend the weekend stitching, but my daughter called and asked me to go shopping with her on Saturday......then Sunday was a day spent with a friend, so this weekend wasn't one for stitching progress - but it was fun :)

So here's how the cardinal is looking now...

Any progress is better than no progress.....don't you agree?

Here's wishing you (and me!) a week with lots of stitching progress!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Katie said...

Beautiful progress. Good job making yourself stick to it even though you were busy.

Mini said...

I think the goal to stitch single thread length is a good way to take time out from busy days.
Yes, any progress is better than no progress.

butterfly said...

Looks great very colourful.
Hope you get more stitching time this week.

Irene said...

sì bellissimo, vedrai che ricamerai di più nei prossimi giorni, ogni tanto bisogna divertirsi