Monday, January 10, 2011

One of those days!

My computer is being temperamental. Sometimes it works great, other times it’s just so slow and some times it just plain refuses to do what I ask. Honestly, it’s like having another teenager in the house! So, here I am, all prepared for a nice long read of everyones blog, tea and biscuits at hand, and my computer decides to be moody and slow. If I didn’t know better, I would say its rolling its eyes at me, you know the way a teenager does when you ask them to do something? Yup, that’s my computer. It's quite old....maybe computers age like dogs, one of our years is like seven doggie years, maybe computers are like that…that would explain a lot. And if  that's the case, my computers not a teenager at all - it’s probably going through menopause!

Until next time (when there will be some stitching to show!)…happy stitching.



Heidi said...

Hi Rhona! Hope your computer problems are fixed soon. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I actually always swallow hard about changing colors since I got a very nasty email once from a designer that I did that. She was not very nice when changing the color was needed to be able to see numbers on a sampler due to my linen color. I removed all the photos of her sampler on my blog as I was not going to advertise for her by showing it. I just hope there will be no hard feelings if this designer finds my version with Dagi's colors.

Hugs from Holland ~

Mad about Craft said...

I know all about menopausal computers! I've just got rid of one and at present hava a well behaved baby!