Monday, February 25, 2013

Stars and cross stitch.

 Am I the only one who turns on the television and is angered by the number of crazy reality shows? I really don’t care how many kids you have, how obnoxious your six year old is or how big you gypsy wedding is. (I refuse to watch these shows but the trailers are always on TV.) These crazy people, who have absolutely no idea of reality,  are being paid a fortune to act as outlandish as possible.…and what’s worse, these people are treated like stars! It makes my blood boil. Just recently though, I had the good fortune to work with a true star, someone who works away tirelessly without fuss or fanfare, helping sick children and their families….now that’s a star in my book. And the name of this star? Simply Aunty Jane.

Aunty Jane runs a charity that makes quilts for sick and terminally ill children. Stitchers from around the world volunteer to stitch a square (or several squares) on a theme that the sick child asks for. Once Aunty Jane has all the squares she then makes them into the most wonderful quilts for these children. The quilts go everywhere with the children and are a great source of comfort while they endure some painful procedures in hospital. So, of course when Aunty Jane asked me if I could  design some motifs for these quilts, I was delighted to be able to help. Aunty Jane suggested that we do some Lego designs as they would probably be very popular with some of the little boys….and we all know how difficult it is to find suitable male designs! After contacting  the Lego company to make sure we weren’t breaking any copyright rules, I got to work. I decided to do an alphabet with each letter having a different Lego figure.

Sadly I don't have any pictures as I didn't stitch any of the designs, but If you click here  you’ll see the charts and some of the finished stitching.

Please check out the rest of Aunty Jane’s albums to see more wonderful stitching done by some true stars. The quilts are truly amazing. 

Please click here to find out more about the SfpSfc charity. 

I guess there must be hundreds of Aunty Jane’s around the world working away quietly, giving of their time and skill and making a real difference to the world albeit in a small way. Wouldn’t a program about these type of people (true stars) make a much better reality show – I know I’d watch!

Until next time…happy stitching!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thank heavens for the postman....

....otherwise I would have nothing to show you! Luckily for me, my postman delivered a small parcel which contained...

These were some bookmarks that I made for Craftseller magazine. These were actually in November's issue of the magazine, but the samples don't get returned to me for a few weeks after publication in case a reader has a question about the design, instructions etc. 

Here are some close ups of the designs...

This is how they were shown in the magazine...

Craftseller Issue 17
Immediate media Co.

The bookmarks have little toggle tops so that they don't fall out of your book...cute, uh?

And since I have just started a new book, the timing was perfect!

I also managed to finish my pink scarf....

I know it doesn't look much all scrunched up like that, but it makes a very pretty scarf...honestly! I was planning to take a picture of my daughter wearing it when she was home for the weekend, but in true Rhona style, I forgot! Anyway, here's a link to both a picture of the finished scarf and the instructions on how to make it...well worth checking out! Now all I have to do is cross stitch a card to go with the scarf.

Until next time...happy stitching!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today's post is brought to you by the colour PINK!

Today is all about pink! Kind of fitting since it is Valentine's day today (not that my husband will remember though!!!)

First of all I want to show you my some of my card designs that were in this month's World of Cross Stitching magazine...

The World of Cross Stitching issue 200
Immediate Media Co.

Nice shades of pink. And yes, that's me in the corner!

And now for some more pink....

I know there are always lots of Pink breast cancer awareness projects going on, but this one is slightly different as it's not about raising money for research or treatment, it is specifically for those women who are currently fighting breast cancer. 

 Simply stated - it has only one goal~ 
 To bring a smile to the face of a woman who is fighting her own battle with breast cancer. 

The guidelines are simple (so I'm hoping that some of you may be able to join in with this wonderful project)....
...just make or purchase a pink scarf in any style or design that you wish as long as it's predominately pink. You can find all the details here.  Please do have a look and if you can do anything to help out, that would be fantastic.

Now you know that my knitting skills are severely limited but I did manage to make a few fancy looking scarves for Christmas presents. Since there are only six stitches and just plain knitting to make this scarf, it's do-able for even the most novice knitters, which is why I was able to make them! Anyway, I remembered that this yarn was available've guessed it....PINK! So this is my start for the Pink Scarf Project...

Not much to see at the moment, but I'm hoping to get it finished over the weekend. I will be adding a cross stitch card to go along with the pink scarf.

I urge you to try and join in with this project and  see if you can bring a smile to a stranger who is fighting such a courageous battle.

Until next time...happy stitching!


Sunday, February 10, 2013


Yayyyy, I actually have quite a few threads in my jar this month....unlike last months collection which was pretty pathetic!

Lots of greens, blues and purples,  but I can't show you what I'm stitching just's a surprise for someone's birthday and they sometimes drop by my blog to check out what I'm working on.  Don't worry though, all will be revealed....eventually! :)

Until next time...happy stitching!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

First finish of the year!

....and it feels good! Here's Seraphina mouse in all her glory...

I made a few 'alterations' to the design......watching Downton Abbey on PBS when there are no breaks for adverts means that you stitch with what's on hand rather than miss any of the action while you go hunting for the correct colour of thread! The chart called for the back stitching to be in dark grey which I didn't have in my little project tin, so I just went with black which I think looks fine. I just had to use a slightly darker shade of grey for the details in the white fur as the grey specified in the chart looked too pale next to the black. back stitching.  Now I just have to decide what to do with this sweet little mouse....card or ornie?

I also have some progress to show you on Life's Simple Treasures which is stitching up beautifully. This is the part that I have been working on...

The photograph looks a bit blue with the morning light!

And this is the project so far...

I'm always sad to stop stitching this one when the rotation period ends...roll on next week when I can get back to it.

Just to let you know, Heather is having a wonderful Giveaway on her blog, which you might want to pop over and enter. You have until February 12th to add your name....good luck!

Until next time...happy stitching!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Giveaway winner

I can officially state the I am indeed The Queen of Slow Stitching, which has been proven in a very scientific method by the gathering comments from you my lovely readers!  :)

So, the  burning question of the day was 'how many stitches can you do in one minute?' and the average number according to the internet (and you know that if it's on the internet, it just has to be true ;)  ) is.....

....wait for it.....


Surprised? I was.....and saddened too, as I could only manage four. I'm counting it as four, but it was only really three and a half. Even then I was racing to get as many done before the timer went off, which means that in reality, I'm even slower. (It's a good job I've got so much stash hidden away, otherwise I might have contemplated giving up as a complete failure!)

Anyhoo, that means the winner of my little giveaway is SoCal Debbie who also managed to do four stitches in a minute. Congrats  Debbie! The chart will be on its way to you soon.

I've decided to spread the love, so to speak, so if everyone who commented could please check their emails later this week, as I will be emailing a little something to you all as a little thank you for taking part.

Until next time...happy stitching!