Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot off the needle!

So I left you last week with a tease of what I was stitching for Tangled Threads. This was what you saw last week.

This is the same part finished.

And this is the finished stitching.

Tee hee!

Wouldn’t  this piece be great for in the kitchen when the family is moaning about whatever it is they seem to think you have (or haven’t) done? Or what about at work or in the office? It would be great there too. I’m sure this will bring a chuckle to anyone when they are complaining and you just smile sweetly and point to your little cross stitch sign. Enough said!

So now I just have to decide on how to finish off the piece - wall hanging, frame etc - any suggestions?

Until next time…happy stitching



Beth said...

You are right, that would be a perfect piece in many places - Great Job!!

Cheryl said...

I like it! Gotta have that on the wall for sure, the kitchen was my first thought!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

What a pretty design! I love the flowers, and the saying :) For finishing, I agree with Cheryl about having it on the wall - I'd put it in a pretty gold frame to draw attention to it! That way, it's sure not to be missed, lol