Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More snow...

...as if we didn’t have enough already! Just as we have discovered our driveway underneath all the snow and ice and finally get it cleared, we get more snow – typical. The weather forecasters have said that we will get about 4 - 6 inches today (sorry Mr. Weatherman but there’s that on the ground already and it’s only 9am) and that tonight/tomorrow will bring a rather large storm with at least a foot of snow. YUK. The only good thing about the snowstorm is that the kids (ok, I’ve only got one at school now and she’s technically not a kid, she’s a teenager) should get a snow day tomorrow and we can cuddle up and watch a movie and I can stitch. 

I spent yesterday faffing around with the stitching of the German Shepherd. I decided not to make it in to a card as it was a rather large piece for a card so instead I made a wall plaque ‘thingy’! Having never done this before it was rather challenging, but actually very enjoyable!

 The only trouble was that because I hadn’t thought this out beforehand, the fabric was actually just a tad shorter than it should have been – moral of the story, always think things through thoroughly, or maybe just use more fabric than necessary, just in case! Anyway, I was really pleased with the result. The only thing I need now is some cording to edge the stitching. My plan was to go to Michael's or JoAnn’s today, but there is no way I’m driving a twenty mile round trip in this snow for a $5 spool of cord.  So, unfortunately, you won’t see the finished piece for another few days!

Well, I’m off to grab a snow shovel and see if I can find my driveway!

Until next time…happy stitching.


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Marlene said...

Your work is great, take care in the snow!!