Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Joy!

As if there wasn't enough joy in my last post, I bring even more this time!

I'm still using the same chart as I've had so much fun with this little design - it's quick to stitch and you can easily change the colours to suit whatever you have in your stash. This is what I made with the same lettering as last time.

Quite a different look, don't you think? I paired this with the holly motif that I had used for the gift card in an earlier post. While I was stitching it, I wasn't sure how the white border would look round the stitching and I was wondering if I should have stitched it on black aida. When I put the finished stitching on the card I really liked the effect, the white makes the whole thing crisp and focused -  I love the white!

The picture doesn't show the detail on the edge of the card which looks like this...

It's made using a pattern tracing tool which looks like this...

You can tell that since I got my sewing machine I have been wandering, (albeit rather aimlessly) through the sewing department of JoAnns! Anyway, this nifty little tool creates that mock stitched look in one easy move! All you need is a metal ruler then you just roll the blade against the edge of the ruler, pressing in to the card and it creates that pattern without you having to do any hard work at all! And since it only cost a couple of dollars, it doesn't break the bank either!

The charts for this design are available form

I have had some wonderful pictures from people who have stitched up my designs and will be adding them to the customers gallery on the web site later on today. I just want to give a shout out to Caitlin, one of my first customers, who has been stitching up a storm! Please check out her blog where you can see all the cute TangledThreads penguins she has stitched and made into little ornaments! She post frequently so you may have to scroll down to see all the penguins, believe me there are lots of penguins, she's been very busy!

Until next time (will there be more joy?!!)...happy stitching!



cucki said...

it is looking so sweet..well done.
hugs xx

Mangogirl said...

I love the different ways you are finishing your cards. It gives me an urge to go buy a whole pile of card!

:D thanks for the shout out they're so much fun to stitch I think I'm addicted!