Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has...

gone on vacation! Yesterday was such a wonderful Spring day, the weather was mild, kids were out playing and there were even the first signs of tulips popping up. Today though..... it's snowing. Can you believe it? I had planned to get some of the garden tidied up today, but I guess I'll just have to sit and stitch instead...such a hard life!!!

So onto the stitching. You will recall that I had a frogging session on the Mighty Samurai, but was feeling good about the fact that it was as it should be. So although the frogs paid a visit, they also returned my mojo! So I was desperate to get back stitching, and my goal for the weekend was to get the Samurai’s garment completed (nobody ever came up with the proper name for whatever it is Samurais wear!) Now with that being said, you just know there’s a ‘but’ coming, and you’d be correct. I would have had this part finished….BUT…. I ran out of thread! Arghhhh! This is how much I have to do to complete that section –

not much!

Unfortunately, the thread from the kit is not DMC, maybe it’s anchor, I’m not sure. I just know that nothing in my stash was even remotely close. So last night, found me hastily scrawling a letter to Dimensions begging for some Dusty Purple thread to finish of the samurai’s clothes. At least I can carry on stitching other parts of the design, so all is not lost.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that Dimension will send some extra thread.

Well, that’s all for today. Thanks for visiting my blog and especially to those of you that take the time to leave a comment, it’s truly appreciated.

Until next time…happy stitching!



Ma Teakettle said...

It's snowing here too! What gives!
LOL :(
Your Samurai is beyond gorgeous and the colors take my breath away! Don't be discouraged as the frog has been an unwelcome visitor to my house too fact I threw in the towel on "Sheltering Tree," and as for the floss...I love Dimensions but never have enough floss even without frogging, so hang in there...glad you got your Mojo back, girl!

Anne said...

Wow! His outfit came along nicely! Too bad about the lack of thread. Hopefully they will send you some more "dusty purple" ASAP!!!

demeter83 said...

I do love seeing your stitching on this, it's such a gorgeous design.
I'm sure they're be lovely and send you some more thread, and hopefully as soon as possible.
I feel I ought to know what his clothes are called and I can't remember - that's something that's gonna wake me up at 3 in the morning

Beth said...

Our spring is still here today, but I think it will be gone tomorrow. I am just sure that Dimensions will be able to send you some more floss. As long as they have been in business, this has had to happen before. Good luck, keep up posted!

Blu said...

He looks good! From what I've heard Dimensions is quite good about sending out floss if you run out. Hopefully it'll arrive soon.

sorbert said...

That is just so annoying when you run out of thread. It happens to me a lot. Hope you can get the thread.
Ive got a Dimension kits for my birthday and the numbers of the thread is not to my knowledge.
Good progress though!