Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anyone for ice-cream?

I've had a break from stitching the Mighty Samurai and have been stitching some of my own designs.

The design I'm going to show you is from a set of card designs that are suitable for sending for almost any occasion....very versatile! This one, as you can probably tell from the post title, is of an ice-cream cone. I'm not going to tell you what the greeting/title will be, that's going to be my secret until the big reveal!

So, I started of stitching using the colours that I had picked from the colour palette on the cross stitch program which looked fine on the computer screen, but when I started to stitch it, I had to make a few adjustments as sometimes the contrast is more pronounced on the computer screen than on the actual threads. Then I couldn't decide if I wanted the vanilla ice-cream to be white or more to the cream shade....after all, vanilla ice-cream comes in all shades depending on the manufacturer (trust me, I know my ice-cream!!) Anyway, I stitched it up in white but wasn't too happy about it.

I unpicked the white and went for a more cream colour. It looks a lot more lemon colour in the picture than in real life.

I thought this colour combination looked much better. Those of you with eagle eyes will also notice that I changed the shading on the pink ice-cream as I didn't think there was enough contrast.

And here's the ice-cream with the back stitching and the border.

Looking good enough to eat!

So, any ideas what the title will be? If anyone actually comments with the correct wording, I will send them the chart!

So I will leave you with thoughts of ice-cream and hope that you can resist the temptation to raid the freezer!

Until next time.....happy stitching!



Nicola said...

Very nice, Rhona! No idea what its called though - it would be an ice cream stack to me LOL xx

Mouse said...

ohhhh yummmm and ooo title mmmmmm summer fun ? chill out ??? sure want to have a ice cream now love mouse xxxx

Cath said...

Yum , how about "Have a n"ice" day ?

Justflo said...

Your ice-cream looks good enough to eat. by the way The Mighty Samurai is spectacular.

Lynn said...

Very cute! According to my hockey loving DH, anything that comes in threes is a hat trick!

Norwegianstitch said...

Me, me, me... ;o)