Monday, June 6, 2011

Look Closely!

Yes, you really will have to look closely to see that there is some more of the background stitched in the Mighty Samurai!

There were some areas of the design where there was maybe two or three stitches of one colour, so I made  the effort to get those 'odd' stitches done, so it doesn't really look like there's that much change since the last picture, other than the background. Still, as many of you said before...progress is progress no matter how small! (My new mantra!)

Anyway, one of my goals for June, is to get the background stitching completed. Since much of it is half cross stitch this should be perfectly do-able! (And now that this statement is in black and white, I really do have to get it done!!! lol)

Thanks for visiting today!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Mouse said...

made note that you did say it heeeheh ... looking good though well done on the progress :) love mouse xxx

Anne said...

Even filling in bits of colour here and there takes time and like you said progress is progress! Good luck on stitching the background! It should go quickly cause it's half stitches!

Suzanne said...

Any progress is good progress that's what I say. It's a good idea to get those annoying bits out of the way when you have the chance.